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Welcome to Dallas Gay & Lesbian Singles, the only thriving LGBT singles group on Meetup.com for the Dallas area.

This Group offers frequent and varied opportunities for LGBT singles to meet and socialize with one another. To be clear, this is a social group and not a pickup site. More than anything else, we value members with a sincere desire to make this group a part of their social life. Even if you don't find a date right away, we're certain you'll find a friend.

At DGLS, everyone is welcome. With virtually no limits on who can join, the group is made up of a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, interests, and values. But more accurately, the group is made up of people who take the time to attend events; in other words, the people who have made the group their own by being a part of it.

I would invite you to make the group your own, too. DGLS cannot be successful without you! There are no membership fees, and the events are organized and announced in advance. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the company.

So don’t be shy. Join now, RSVP to the events we have posted, and above all else find time to attend the events—because someone here wants to meet you!

What members are saying about the group:

This group just keeps getting better! – Lynne

It’s definitely worth meeting. Good friends, sharing ideas, life styles and good learning experience. It’s great if more people can show up at meet ups like this. – Murali

I am really enjoying this group, and I look forward to other meet-ups. - Claudia

Very cool Meetup with interesting people. - Draoun

Very nice group of people! - Kerry

I have met some wonderful people here and am very glad I joined this group. Looking forward to making some lasting friendships. – Sonny

Every meeting is fun. No attitudes; no pretensions. Just people laughing and having a good time. - Cary, Organizer

Notice: DGLS is a public group. Please take whatever steps you feel necessary to protect your privacy while online.

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Boss it up fitness - Free Boot Camp

3200 Colby St

Boss it up fitness - Free Boot Camp

3200 Colby St

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