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Last month we had a first time speaker as well as a speaker that's been around since the first time; a Defcon presenter and hundreds of Defcon badges; hardware hacking and hardly hacking (sorry Tinker!); talking about talking and talking about things we should be talking about. But you weren't there and you want to know WHAT the presentations were about, right? Too bad, don't make the same mistake twice! So, come out and contribute or just chill and consume, but do not talk while others are presenting. You might think that you're the most important person in the room, but unless you're up on the stage sharing, you're wrong. Now, granted, there are reasons to vocalize during a presentation. We understand you have to be able to order your sustenance and libations. There are interjections, asides, clarifications, etc., just show respect or respectfully show a lack of it while trolling. If your neighbor's hair is on fire or some similar condition arises then we would, of course, expect you to break the silence. Seriously, though, if you have something to say then either get a room, go outside, wait until the end, or get up on stage. Those are your choices. We have a little surprise planned for people who continue to ignore this courtesy. As much as we liked the idea suggested by a member, it does not involve hammers. We'll also have all of the standard stuff, such as c0mmand3rOpSec's world-class Capture-the-Flag, MoeBius' locksport, as well as a CryptoParty room. What will you talk about? What to bring: If you want to present then bring your laptop (make sure your slides and your display output can be set for 1080p resolution). Alternatively there is a Windows box you can use that can read FAT32 formatted USBs. Please note that there is now a sign-up sheet for talks at the podium to the left of the stage (stage right). First come first serve with new speakers receiving priority. If you want to participate in the CTF bring your laptop, pwn pad, or whatever. The lockpick village has picks and locks to learn/practice on, or bring your own. We also have lock pick sets for sale. If you just want to eat and drink while watching us make fools of ourselves, entry is free and Family Karaoke has a great menu! Rules: 1) Don't hack the venue! 2) Don't hack other attendees without consent. 3) Don't enter any room not marked DHA (even if you're invited)! 4) Don't talk about anything illegal. 5) Don't smoke inside the venue (vape respectfully). 6) Do tip well! 7) Do participate! 8) Do have fun! Finally, be excellent to each other! Ideas are dangerous and DHA is not a safe zone, but we will not tolerate members making others feel unwelcome because they look, think, or act differently.

Family Karaoke

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    Who attends DHA? We are a diverse group of individuals who share the passion of curiosity. We like to learn; we like to teach; we like to listen; we like to talk. DHA started as loose group of hackers and security professionals around Dallas, but it has expanded into many other areas. There’s still a large contingency of security/privacy wonks, but we also have developers, entrepreneurs, managers, students, retirees, a few recruiters, and occasionally a Fed or two ;-)

    What is DHA? DHA is a monthly Con in the Dallas area. We usually have about 2-hours worth of short firetalks from anyone that would like to speak on a topic for around 10-minutes or less. If you wish to give a talk longer than that, please notify someone on the mailing list and expect to go last. Our host, Family Karaoke, provides amazing audio/video for all your presentation needs. After everyone has had their say we'll do a quick “who’s hiring/who’s looking”. If you wish to give a talk about recruitment for your company, though, then come prepared to buy drinks/alcohol for everyone in attendance. Then, finally, it’s socializing until you feel like leaving.

    All that sounds like any monthly meetup, so what makes it a Con? Well, we have a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) challenge every month, as well as a lockpick village. There’s also a room for entertaining the younger hackers, but don’t expect anyone to babysit for you.

    When is DHA? We meet at 7PM on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

    Where is DHA? We meet at Family Karaoke in Dallas. Check the current announcement for details or any changes.

    Why DHA? The inspiration for this meetup was Austin Hackers Anonymous – AHA! There are now a number of HAs. SAHA (San Antonio), HAHA (Houston), as well as new groups in the Northwest and Northeast started by former members of DHA. HA the planet!

    How can I participate? AHA! Has a strict participation requirement. If you don’t, then you’re booted from the group. At DHA we strongly encourage such engagement, but don’t enforce it. Honestly, if you don’t have anything interesting to share at least every couple of months, then are you really a hacker?

    1) Show up
    2) Talk to other members
    3) Give a presentation
    4) Post on the forum
    5) Buy the leadership team a drink ;-)

    Let’s hack!

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