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Dallas Hackers Association - Meetup 2014.03.05/0x0009

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19 people went


I was disappointed to miss my first DHA. I attended the Plano Hackerspace meetup this week (also held in the Boot Room of the Allen Wickers) and there were tables missing; one was even ripped off its moorings. I can only assume it was from a raucous DHA get-together. That's the last time I leave Tinker in charge...

If he’s available, we may have a new member attending that is a nascent hacker and legitimate lawyer. I’m stoked about his joining, but will let him identify himself - if he cares to.

If anyone is interested, I might talk on “something completely different” - hacking your metabolism through ketosis.

So, what will you be talking about?

Hope to see everyone there! Well, not everyone, as we now have 130 members and the Boot Room only holds 60. But you know what I mean…