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We are now alternating our weekly meetings between in-person at CSLDallas Or via Zoom live streaming so people can attend no matter where they live.

The event page will specify whether that event is in-person Or Zoom.

Please join us at our regularly scheduled meeting time of 7 PM central time

Our weekly events are free and open to anyone, you choose which topics are of most interest and you’re always welcome to bring a friend. (contact information at bottom of page)

InPowered Living recognizes as a spiritual being having a human experience, you will have negative thoughts or strong feelings, but you are so much more. You have a Higher Self who’s a compassionate observer. When you pause to listen to your inner guidance and make in-powering choices, you feel more fulfilled and successful. When you practice living from choice instead of triggered emotional reactions, your outer life improves dramatically.

The InPowered Living – Dallas Law of Attraction group has been bringing together like-minded souls in the CSL Dallas community for the past 14 years. It’s a welcoming space for those seeking a change in their lives, questioning, awakening or going through a life transformation. If you want to find your tribe and explore unique perspectives on spiritual psychology, New Thought and Law of Attraction – you’re in the right place.

Rob Brite, a transformational life coach, mentor and teacher, has been leading this class and discussion group every week for over a decade. He merges complementary content from the fields of psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, personal development, relationships and metaphysics, including original material he’s developed over many years of studying, teaching and coaching. Once a month, he features the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. He also has a guest speaker every month to bring in different perspectives.

Rob’s classes focus on these main themes:

• Living from choice and higher consciousness

• Bringing out the best in you, and all your relationships

• Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction

• Acting and attracting from a higher perspective

• Transcending limiting beliefs and habits

• Living from joy, inspiration and on purpose


Contact Rob Brite, Transformational Life Coaching


briterob@gmail.com 214-267-8166 voice/text

CSLDallas - a Center for Spiritual Living http://www.csldallas.org

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Abraham-Hicks Night Law of Attraction - First Friday - Zoom Only

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First Friday - Abraham-Hicks Plus Night - Zoom Only - facilitated by Rob Brite, InPowered Living Transformational Life Coaching

Tonight, we will be watching & listening to recent segments of an Abraham video Q&A online event with discussions afterward. We formally end around 9 pm & continue for a while (sometimes a long while ;-) informally with Q&A & sharing. People are free to stay & hang out or leave at any time depending on their interests & schedule.

Handouts Posted Here by 6:45

DONATIONS for helping to cover the cost of InPowered Living Meetups

Some Abraham-Hicks Concepts
• Harness the power of the Law of Attraction
• Manifest more of what you want, less of what you don't
• How things come into your life
• Realize & live more from your wholeness
• Tap into your authentic power & wisdom /higher Self
• Improve all types of relationships

For additional information about Abraham-Hicks search Abraham-Hicks at https://www.youtube.com and https://www.abraham-hicks.com/

We are LiveStream (only) every Friday throughout each month.
A couple of times a month (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) we are only in-person at The Dallas Center for Spiritual Living CSLDallas.org a Center for Spiritual Living Detailed postings for these events are posted here: InPowered Living & the Law of Attraction

More about InPowered Living Group: Each week we focus on getting out of our own way, seeing things from higher perspectives along with InPowering methods & techniques.

• Living life from a place of joy & inspiration
• More by choice & less from automatic reactions
• Transcending self-limiting beliefs and habits
• Practicing compassion & understanding for self & others
• Having a more positive effect on the people you interact with
• Utilizing the Law of Attraction more effectively

Utilizing complementary content from a range of authors including current experts in the fields of psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, and metaphysics including Abraham-Hicks. Along with original material developed by Rob Brite during his 25 years of teaching, coaching, and ongoing research.

More about Rob Brite: Rob has a passion for InPowering and inspiring others into making positive changes in all areas of their lives. For over twenty-five years, he has worked as a transformation life coach, mentor, and teacher, and writer/developer in both the corporate and private sectors. within the fields of sales, marketing, leadership, relationships and personal development, and personal empowerment.

For over 15 years, he has been teaching and leading his weekly InPowered Living class/discussion group at the Dallas Center for Spiritual Living. www.CSLDallas.org

Rob Brite - Transformational Life Coaching
I will continue offering 1:1 coaching by phone, Zoom or Skype, focusing on healthy relationships, transformations and awakening, reducing stress, finding more meaning and purpose, and mentoring for coaches and practitioners. Visit www.InPoweredLiving.com/contact to request an appointment.

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