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Welcome, Conscious Creators! 

We are now alternating our weekly meetings between in-person at CSLDallas Or via Zoom live streaming so people can attend no matter where they live.

The event page will specify whether that event is in-person Or Zoom.

Please join us at our regularly scheduled meeting time of 7 PM central time

Our weekly events are free and open to anyone, you choose which topics are of most interest and you’re always welcome to bring a friend. (contact information at bottom of page) 

InPowered Living recognizes as a spiritual being having a human experience, you will have negative thoughts or strong feelings, but you are so much more. You have a Higher Self who’s a compassionate observer. When you pause to listen to your inner guidance and make in-powering choices, you feel more fulfilled and successful. When you practice living from choice instead of triggered emotional reactions, your outer life improves dramatically. 

The InPowered Living – Dallas Law of Attraction group has been bringing together like-minded souls in the CSL Dallas community for the past 14 years. It’s a welcoming space for those seeking a change in their lives, questioning, awakening or going through a life transformation. If you want to find your tribe and explore unique perspectives on spiritual psychology, New Thought and Law of Attraction – you’re in the right place.

Rob Brite, a transformational life coach, mentor and teacher, has been leading this class and discussion group every week for over a decade. He merges complementary content from the fields of psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, personal development, relationships and metaphysics, including original material he’s developed over many years of studying, teaching and coaching. Once a month, he features the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. He also has a guest speaker every month to bring in different perspectives.

Rob’s classes focus on these main themes:

• Living from choice and higher consciousness

• Bringing out the best in you, and all your relationships

• Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction

• Acting and attracting from a higher perspective

• Transcending limiting beliefs and habits

• Living from joy, inspiration and on purpose


Contact Rob Brite, Transformational Life Coaching 214-267-8166 voice/text

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