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Hey all you Liberals - There are plenty of us around the big D; we just tend to keep a low profile. Unless it’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month! Then we like to gather at the Uptown Pub for a drink or two to meet new peeps and catch up with old ones. No agenda or pencil pushing just friendship and camaraderie with other left leaners. So join us! We gather in the main section of the bar, you won’t miss us. We kind of take over on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Woo hoo! Members enjoy Happy Hour prices all night long, so make sure to wear your DL buttons so the lovely staff knows you’re in the cool group. The first button is free but the second will cost ya, so don’t lose em. ;) Uptown Pub 3605 McKinney Ave, Dallas 7:30 PM – whenever There is a free parking garage across the street and its also close to public transportation. Mark your calendars – it’s always 2nd Tuesday of every month) Bring a friend or come alone – we’re a friendly bunch. See you soon!

Uptown Pub

3605 McKinney Ave · Dallas, TX

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The short story is that we're just a bunch of Democrats who meet for Happy Hour.

But being a Democrat isn't the point. And I don't mean to suggest that you have to identify as a Democrat to be here. No, that's not it at all -- but that's probably the word most people are familiar with. We're not looking for labels and we have no agenda. We're just a bunch of forward thinking liberals (i.e., liberally thinking people) who appreciate each others' company. And the second Tuesday of every month is when we make an extra special effort to hang out with our favorite bartender. (Patricia is awesome.)

Sometimes we talk politics and sometimes we don't. We're very welcoming, but if you classify yourself as a red, red Republican, then this group isn't for you. And if you're just curious, come on down!

Another thing to note: even though we have no agenda, we *are* welcoming to candidates during election season. We won't endorse anyone, but we're happy to have candidates come out to kiss hands and shake babies. After all, isn't it important for us to be engaged? (Hint: YES.)

DISCLAIMER: Yes, we like booze. Goodness, we're meeting in a bar! But please be responsible with your intake. Also, this group was formerly called Dallas Drinking Liberally, the Dallas Chapter of the national organization of Living ( But that is no longer the case. Toodles! Looking forward to drinking with you soon!

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