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Fourth Saturday Hands-On Workday
Join us for another free hands-on Workday. Attendees of all ages 8 and up are welcome. We have lots of free equipment and materials for projects in: art (zines, chinese calligraphy, instant photography, paper marbling, collage...) robotics (lego mindstorms, arduino, raspberry pi, rovers, trackers...) computing (raspberry pi, ardunio, bash, c programming, mindstorms mods in python, software synthesizers) electronics (littlebits, breadboards, ardunio, junk repair, franken-gadgets etc...) We can use mentors who have projects ideas in electronics, art, robotics, computing jury rigging, junk repair and more. If you want to show and tell please bring equipment to demo it. If you do that be prepared to mentor others including kids in how to make your project and others like it. We ask that you choose a track and stick with it for the 4 hours. Free snacks provided every hour. The equipment must stay at the library and we ask your help in not abusing the materials and returning it to storage neatly when you are done so others can do the same for free also. If your project is ready you may want to do a demonstration for your fellow makers. We hold 4 demos a workday.

J Erik Jonsson Central Library

1515 Young St 5th floor · Dallas, TX

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Teachers and parents, would you like to teach your children to create things rather than consume them? Come to our workday and we spend 4 hours using simple sustainable tools to create. We have curriculum for bash shell, c programming, software synthesizers, radio broadcasting, Minecraft mods, game creation and more on the Raspberry Pi. There is a robotics track with the Lego Mindstorms RCX microcontroller with projects to create and program autonomous robots. There is also an art track where we use chinese calligraphy, instant cameras, copiers, paper marbling, zine creation and other classic art techniques to create things. These are long-form hands-on STEAM enrichment projects for free! We show off what we make twice a year at our Makers Faire in June and December.

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