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### Philosophers Forum has always met at a local Dallas Restaurant, and as you know, restaurants come and go, forcing us to frequently look for a new venue, which is often a problem for us.  We have never advertised or done much in the way of marketing, and we are now asking for your help. 

If you enjoy stimulating talks on philosophy and the issues of the day, and particularly if you prefer to listen to those lectures in person where you can join in the conversation and meet other interesting philosophs who enjoy the same intellectual stimulation you do, we are asking you to commit to joining our lecture in person for May 9th, 2023.  The lecture will be on Language and Philosophy, presented by Sally Parker-Ryan, Ph.D. University of Arlington.  

We have noticed a recent trend of younger philosophs joining our lectures, and we encourage them to join us in contemplating the philosophy that drives our lives where we can all converse with others who also enjoy philosophy.  Enrich your life and deepen your understanding of the issues of the day.

We need to tell the restaurant that we will fill up their meeting room with 25-40 people in order to get the restaurant to let us use it for free.  We don't have the money to pay for the room, so we need commitments from 25-40 people, or even 100, who will commit to coming in person on May 9th.  Please send an email to announcements@philosophersforum.org if you plan on coming.  As soon we have commitments from at least 25 people, we will make reservations and send out a notice of the location. 

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