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Here's your opportunity to go from taking pictures to taking jaw dropping photographs. Whether you are a beginner with a point-n-shoot camera or an amateur with a DSLR camera these are the classes for you.

Dave Tipton, Owner of BigSkyPhotography has 35 years of photography and 10 years of training experience and is offering to teach you how to take better photographs. There are 6 different classes classes available to you that will cover the basics of photography and taking photographs, not pictures.

Sign up for a class today because they fill up fast. Currently available classes

Photography 101: Learning Composition (2 hours)

Photography 102: Mastering Your Camera (3 hours)

Taking Better Photos Outdoors (3 hours)

Night & Low Light Photography (3 hours)

Headshot & Portrait Photography (3 hours)

Understanding Flash Photography (3 hours)

On-Location Lighting - Taking the Studio Outdoors (4 hrs)

To RSVP for a class just go the calendar and select the class you want to attend and click on the red button "Count me in" then follow through with the payment.

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Photography 101 - Understanding Composition

WorkLodge - Dallas Design District


An Introductory Class that teaches new techniques to become a better photographer. Learn to understand composition and take better pictures! This is the introductory class and it will only be $40 lasting 2 hours with an introduction into photography, lighting and composition. The purpose of this meetup is to invite new comers to see what the class has to offer and learn useful techniques to improve your image taking abilities. I will be taking the first few minutes to get acquainted with all of you and figuring out why you are there and what your personal goals are for being a part of this class. The rest of the time will be spent on covering composition tips and techniques to help make your images POP! After this class: 1) You will have a better understanding on what your goals are for learning to become a better photographer. 2) You will learn how to better compose your photos and see instant improvements in the photographs you take. 3) You will gain a better understanding of using natural light and other sources of light to your advantage in different lighting situations. 3) You will know what other classes might be of interest to you in your pursuit of becoming the photographer you want to be. Please make sure to join us for this upcoming event. I promise you will walk out with a big smile on your face. All our welcome to come. Point-n-shoots , compact cameras and DSLRs *Class begins at 9:00 am. Please bring your cameras fully charged, the camera manual, memory cards and a pen and paper. ** Due to Covid-19 Space will be limited for social distancing and face masks ace will be required.

Photography 102 - Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

WorkLodge - Dallas Design District


PHOTOGRAPHY 102 Take Your Photography Skills Out of Auto Mode Learn to use your camera to its fullest capabilities! This class includes in-depth instruction paired with hands-on experience that will turn you into a better photographer! If you are still taking pictures in Auto mode or Program mode, then you NEED to take this class, which is also a great follow up from the Introductory course, Photography 101. The difference is you will be more comfortable in using the various functions of your camera (Photography 101 is NOT required to take this class). Photography 102 covers the essentials of mastering your camera. Its purpose is to get you away from "Auto" mode and start taking control over your camera settings to improve your images. After this class you will be able to master the: * Aperture and F stops and what to use it for in different situations. Shutter speed and how to stop and blur motion. * ISO in low light and bright situations, grainy vs. non-grainy * M, A, S, P, or Tv, Av modes on your camera and when to use which. * Various white balance settings and when to use them. * Bracketing and using exposure compensation when not in manual mode. * Use of metering in your camera to expose your images properly. This class is estimated to last 2-3 hours. After each topic we will do a hands-on activity to practice the new techniques you just learned. This class is great for those of you who want to understand your camera better and how to control it, rather than your camera having control over you. **** Due to Covid-19 Space will be limited for social distancing and face masks ace will be required.

Nature Photography Workshop

WorkLodge - Dallas Design District


Do you like to take pictures of Nature? Great Landscapes? Wildlife? Going on a trip this summer and need to get a better understanding of what camera settings to use? I'll be holding a Nature Photography Workshop, which will concentrate on various aspects of Landscape and Wildlife photography. - I'll help you answer the questions what gear should I take? Lenses, Tripods, Filters, etc.. Can I carry it on the plane? How do I prepare? Where do I shoot when I get there? I'll have handouts for everyone and we'll go over all the aspects to make sure you get some great shots on your next trip!!! **** Due to Covid-19 Space will be limited for social distancing and face masks ace will be required.

Understanding Flash Photography

WorkLodge - Dallas Design District


Do you feel intimidated when using an off camera flash? Have you ever wanted to learn how to manipulate your on or off camera flashes to get that really cool lighting effect? This class will show you how to properly set up your flash and understand how, when, and why to use it. I will make sure to inform you of all of the key terms and features that you need to be comfortable with in order to succeed in using your flash. Flash photography is about to go from scary to simple!! Using a flash can make your photos more interesting, intriguing and artistic. Go beyond your camera’s built-in flash and make external Speedlites your photographic ally in dim light and in many other situations. You'll walk away knowing: • When to use flash • Proper camera settings • How to balance flash with natural or ambient lighting • Best methods to control shadows • How to select the best Speedlite for you • Keys to avoiding common flash mistakes • Not be intimidated by all of the terminology and functions of your flash • Use i-TTL or ETTL vs. manual mode in your flash • Maneuver through manual mode in your camera • Where to place your flashes to get desired lighting results • Manipulate light to prevent or utilized the scattering of light (difference between direct and diffused light). Items that you will need to bring are: - Your DSLR camera - Any flash units if you have them - Owners manual for your flash and camera - Pocket wizards and/or TTL cords - Fully charged battery For those of you looking to step up your photography skills and gain some valuable experience then this is a must take class. It will provide all of the appropriate knowledge you need to enhance your images using flash indoors or outdoors. **** Due to Covid-19 Space will be limited for social distancing and face masks ace will be required.

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