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Join other Atheists/nonbelievers for conversation and camaraderie. Our main event is the weekly dinner every Tuesday evening - check the Calendar section to find us. We also have other events, often in coordination with some of the other local groups, and if you want to host something else we will happily add something to the schedule.

For more detail about the group including rules and policies, please see the facebook presence for the group at: Facebook: Dallas-Plano Atheists (https://www.facebook.com/pg/DallasPlanoAtheists/notes/)

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[VIRTUAL] All in-person events are now VIRTUAL and online, until at least June

This event is now only VIRTUAL via an online meeting video conference. NOTE: We are using a Zoom room rather than the jit.si site. The D-PA organizers have been watching the news closely regarding the COVID-19 spread, effects, and local response to it. We have taken into account the commentary/advice of medical experts as well as statements and orders of the various local cities and other governmental entities. As we do want to make sure our local community is safe, we consider it important to do our part by cancelling all D-PA Meetup events until the beginning of May, and we will re-evaluate based on current knowledge at that time. In the interim, please stay safe and help those in need around us. If anyone in the Meetup needs anything please post, either in the D-PA Meetup discussion area, or join one of the Facebook groups. Use your meetup account to ask an organizer for an invite to the “Secret” Facebook group for when you miss the weekly conversations (or if you need any assistance with anything while daily life is in disarray). Please keep yourselves and those around you safe and we will still be here returning to normal outings as soon as it seems wise to do so. Thank you, Your D-PA Meetup Organizers The meeting will be online via ZOOM. Join Zoom Meeting: See link to right Meeting ID:[masked] If you do not have access to Zoom via the internet you can get an audio only connection on a phone via one of the following numbers: [masked] US (Houston) [masked] US (Tacoma) [masked] US (San Jose) [masked] US (Germantown) [masked] US (Chicago) [masked] US (New York) Meeting ID:[masked]

Women of Reason Dallas: Cross list with FoF: VIRTUAL (RSVP REQUIRED!)

Location visible to members

Although shelter-in-place restrictions have been lifted, as of today (05/01/2020), I'm erring on the side of caution and continuing with us meeting virtually. You do not have to register for Zoom in order to use the service. * * * WE'RE GOING VIRTUAL! YOU WILL ONLY SEE THE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE LINK IF YOU RSVP TO THE MEETUP EVENT. * * * IF YOU HAVE ISSUES JOINING THE CONFERENCE, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE THROUGH MEETUP OR POST A COMMENT ON THIS EVENT. Women of Reason Dallas has its main social meetup the first Friday of the month. Join your fellow female freethinkers to discuss whatever topic crosses our minds! Male identified people--we wish to keep this a safe space for those who identify as women as well as the non-binary folks. FAQ: Q: "Why women identified and non-binary only?" or "Why are you trying to exclude men?" A: The Dallas Plano Atheist Meetup (DPAM) is welcoming to all, but we recognize that safe spaces are needed for some groups, including those that wish to discuss issues unique to women and those who identify as non-binary. We appreciate that you kindly respect these boundaries. Q: Does the DPAM have other events besides this one? A: Yes! We have dinner every Tuesday night at a variety of locations. We also have other events that are cross listed with other atheist groups around the Metroplex. We look forward to seeing you at another event! Q: I don't identify as a woman. Why do I get these e-mails? A: From Philip: "Some gatherings are intended for a sub-set of the larger group. With the way that meetup handles "announcement" notifications for a group, though, members of the group at-large get e-mail about the specific meetups targeted at the sub-set. It really doesn't make sense to force that sub-group to start an entirely new top-level Meetup Group just for a sub-set of the larger group, particularly since that's part of why the sub-group is meeting in the first place. There's already enough marginalization and alienation that certain sub-groups already have in our community, which is why I (as an organizer) 100% support having an event directed at those that want and need to discuss topics important to or support those in that sub-group. When you get e-mail about those events, consider it not in your interest area and just use the delete key to pass it by while knowing you're part of the larger community doing what's needed to help all feel welcome."

Weekly D-PA Meetup:

Needs a location

[Ask for the Meetup group.] Please RSVP by the Saturday prior to the Meetup if at all possible so I can get accurate numbers to the restaurant when I call in the reservation. The more attendees we have the more important that is since they might need to adjust staffing. If you have ideas for future locations we should consider for the group, please use a web browser to visit the Meetup site and consider adding a Suggestion under the "Home" tab. Also see the "Discussions" tab for notes on how locations are picked and what criteria makes for places that work well for us.

Star Party - Frisco Commons Park

Frisco Commons Park

Don D, our resident star gazing authority, has agreed to sponsor our group again this month at the Frisco Star Party. There are restrooms at this location. If you have a scope bring it out. If it's cold out be sure to dress warmly as it can get very cold when you are just standing around on cold pavement. Good shoes, a hat, ear coverings, and layers are your best bet. You can always take off what's not needed. (BTW this is only a stargazing party - no food or drink required. :) More details, including directions to the Park, are available at: TAS Recurring Star Parties, Frisco StarFest (texasastro.org). The site gives directions from Preston, from the Tollway you turn right on Main (FM 720) and go for about 1.5 miles through Old Frisco, past the old watertower to Meadow Lane on the left. A median prevents you from turning left directly onto Meadow, so you can take the next left into the parking lot of Liberty Baptist Church and go back to Meadow. On this map of the park we will be in the area at the bottom: .Frisco Commons Park map (http://www.friscotexas.gov/uploadedFiles/Departments/Parks_Recreation/Frisco_Commons_MP.pdf) NOTE: If it is overcast or the weather is severe the event will be canceled. You can check the TAS website above.

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