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Hello Masters,

Welcome to Dallas Pyramid Meditation group, I'm glad you found us!

At Dallas Pyramid Meditation group, our mission is to provide you with an opportunity to experience group Meditation with pyramids and music.

All are welcome. This is a free Meditation group for anyone interested in Meditation, Stress relief, Spiritual growth, Self-transformation, Healing, Mindfulness, Breathing Meditation, Self- exploration. You could bring any number of friends with you. No prior experience necessary.

Our sessions are open for discussions, to share experiences and clarify any questions, which in turn enhance Spiritual growth, Stress relief, Self transformation.

Our team organizes regular weekend, week days sessions/retreats. Events are held in Frisco, Irving, McKinney in the homes of organizers or any other temporarily rented areas.

Several friends have experienced that meditation in group, with pyramids and music has been very effective.

This group is an opportunity for all to experience group meditation in a safe and friendly environment.

The group is not promoting or selling or providing any service.

Group offers a free shared library of great books, audio and videos about spiritual concepts.


Meditation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind for that … we … begin … with … the … breath. The process of meditation is simple- Close your eyes and be with your natural breath. Meditation silences the restless waves of mind, thereby preserving soul energy leading to good health, peace of mind and wisdom of life.

The word .. ‘ Anapanasati ’.. in Pali language means ..

to direct one’s total attention and awareness

only on one’s normal,

natural breathing process.

‘ ana ‘ means ‘ in-breath ’

‘ apana ’ means ‘ out-breath ’

‘ sati ’ means ‘ be-one-with ’

How to do Meditation?

In ‘ Anapanasati ’, attention of the mind should constantly be on the normal, natural breath. The task on hand is effortful, joyful oneness with the breath.

No ‘ mantra ’ is to be chanted .. no form of any ‘ deity ’ is to be entertained in the mind .. no hathayogic pranayama practices like ‘ kumbhaka ’ .. holding the breath .. should be attempted.

Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken. The posture should be as comfortable as possible. Hands should be clasped and all finger should go into all fingers. Eyes should be closed.

The crux of the matter is to resist, to the best of our abilities, the routine wanderings of the mind. All STRAY THOUGHTS SHOULD BE CUT right away, as and when they keep arising.


There are three grand happenings in the science of (http://www.pssmovement.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102&Itemid=219)meditation :

“The First Happening”

“When we are with the normal, natural, simple, easy, soft, tender, shallow, tranquil, peaceful flow of the breath … the mind becomes rather empty”

Meditation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind. For that … we … begin … with … the … breath

The mind has to be with the breath. That is the bottom-line. If the mind is not with the breath, it does, not become empty.

The mind has to become uncluttered and rather empty.

The mind has to lose all its unscientific socio-religious mental images and meaningless props. In the same token, chanting of any mantra doesn’t play any role in meditation. The mouth has to be kept shut.

Since meditation is silencing the incessant chattering mind, we can’t have any mental image whatsoever to concentrate upon. No mental images whatsoever. No visualization exercises. And, again, no mantras in the mouth.

We have to attune ourselves to our natural and normal breath. When we attune ourselves to the breath, the mind becomes by and by less tense … and less dense … and sooner than later, it becomes rather empty.

Breath is not a part of the body; but it is in the body … and it is sufficiently material to focus upon.

Breath is the ambassador of pure consciousness in the body. Breath is an incessantly happening thing. Breath does not age. Breath is so simple. Breath can be experienced. Breath can be grasped. Breath can be very easily attuned to.

Being with the simple, natural flow of the breath is the ‘ alpha ‘ in the science of meditation.

“The Second Happening”

” When the mind is rather empty, huge amount of cosmic energy floods into the physical body .. into the physical-ness “

A ‘ jungle-like mind ‘ doesn’t allow cosmic energy to enter into the body-system.

When the mind is like a forest, it becomes a great barrier … it does not allow any cosmic energy to seep into the physical body.

The ‘jungle-like mind ‘ is so very impermeable. So very ‘ solid ‘ However, when the ‘ solid-like mind ‘ becomes a ‘ liquid-like mind ‘ or a ‘ vapor-like mind ‘, there is so much more porosity and the mind becomes that much more permeable .. and … the cosmic energy floods into the physical body … following the simple laws of natural physics.

The mind is the separator of the physical energy and the cosmic energy. When the mind is like a forest, it acts like a solid barrier.

So, to make our ‘ solid – like mind ‘ into a ‘ vapor – like mind ‘ … where there are very few thoughts, and more number of gaps … that is meditation. And, the way is only through breath.

“The Third Happening”

” When sufficient amount of cosmic energy enters the physical body .. the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the third-eye”

The culminating result in meditation is the activation of our ‘inner senses ‘ or the ‘ third-eye ‘. The end result of meditation is activation of our extra sensory perception. The final result of meditation is activation of our SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The final product of meditation is acquiring a SOLID SOUL.

In the case of a normal man, it is as if the soul is lost. The soul is the paradise. In the case of a normal person, the paradise has been lost. The paradise has to be regained … that is done in meditation.

The physical body needs to become saturated with cosmic energy. When the body is saturated with cosmic energy, when the black patches in the etheric body are dissolved, the soul’s potential becomes gradually kinetic. And, the soul has infinite potential, and Infinite capacity. However, all that is just dry and barren as long as we don’t awaken it through our mediation.

The science of meditation is the science of energy maximization. The science of mediation is the true science of physical health. The science of meditation is the true science of joy. The science of meditation is the true unifying science. It unifies all the divided sects of humanity. Hail unto the science of meditation.


Meditation done inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called as Pyramid Meditation. Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids.

Most people who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation, describe themselves as experiencing a total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to concentrate on deeper inner levels.

Pyramids provide most effective high-energy environments for beginners of meditation. Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body.

Meditation done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful

Several experiments conducted in man-made pyramids have revealed generalized pyramid powers. These can be broadly classified as:



Out-of-body Experiences

PRESERVATION: Pyramid energy preserves fruit, milk and other perishables ; taste of coffee, wine, fruit juices, etc., is improved ; used razors, knives get sharpened ; acts as a room freshener, foul smells disappear.

HEALING: Wounds, boils and bruises heal quicker ; reduces over-weight and increases resistance to diseases ; gives relief to and cures asthma, toothaches, migraine, common cold, high B.P., arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia etc.

Drinking pyramid energized water cures conjunctivitis, other eye problems; helps digestion ; gives the skin a healthy and youthful glow.

OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES : Out-of-body experiences are much easier if done inside a pyramid. Dreams become clearer and they take the quality of normal wakeful state.

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