What we're about

Our goal is to help people lead healthier lives through substance abuse prevention workshops and presentations. Our workshops involve science-based techniques, psychological theories and Asian philosophies and are aimed at helping youth and adults to reduce risk-taking behaviors, build assets and resilience, and prevent problem behaviors. **Please note that this Meetup will discuss addiction and substance abuse prevention strategies and is not oriented towards addiction recovery or substance abuse recovery.**

Our workshops include presentations about current drugs in the market, addiction and the brain, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and yoga exercises for beginners. Addiction can include many things: food, sugar, television, gambling, video games, drugs, social media, sex. Addiction is anything that involves a compulsive seeking behavior that is difficult to stop in spite of harmful consequences and it also involves withdrawal symptoms.

Indirectly we want to facilitate the welfare of communities, individuals, and families by promoting social change, development, cohesion, empowerment, and respect for cultural diversity.

Who should join? Anyone interested in addiction prevention, substance abuse prevention and health. Youth who want to avoid addictive behaviors or understand more about drug abuse and its side effects as well as parents wanting to know more about drugs and/or are concerned about their children using or being exposed to drugs.

About the Organizer:

I am a former international lawyer with professional experience in international issues, human rights, career coaching and cultural diversity issues. Throughout my legal career I collaborated with two local organizations that help survivors of domestic violence and human rights violations. As my involvement and interest on these cases increased, I was offered an opportunity to work for the International Rescue Committee, an international refugee resettlement agency founded by Albert Einstein with programs in more than 40 countries. I currently work as an Addiction Prevention Specialist with an organization that serves survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking where I teach at-risk youth and adults about the harmful effects of substance use and abuse, addiction and the brain, and life skills programs to increase self-esteem, awareness, and the acquisition of critical life skills.

I'm a certified registered yoga teacher RYT200 and founder of InnerWellbeing (www.inner-wellbeing.com) an organization that leads and facilitate the practice of yoga and personal development workshops based on mindfulness-based meditation techniques, Asian philosophies, and psychological theories, with the goal of reaching people's full potential or overcome anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression.

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