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This class is taught by and held at the Tiger Valley facilities in Waco which has a 1,000 yard range.

The Level 2 Precision Rifle Course is designed to enable the precision shooter with a basic understanding of factors involved in precision shooting. What students will gain from this class are sound fundamentals. Targets engaged will be from 50 –800 yards. Whether you are an experienced or new shooter, the Level I Precision Rifle course is designed to enable you to perfect your ability to hit long range targets.

Course Highlights

- Introduction to Basic Ballistics
- Known / Unknown Distance Shooting
- Shooting Positions
- Effects of Nature on Shooting
- Cold Bore Shots / Care and Cleaning
- Weapons Zero Techniques
- Un-Supported Shooting Techniques
- Wide Variety of Shooting Drills
- Fundamentals of Shooting
- Range Estimation Techniques
- Reading / Estimating Wind
- Techniques for Engaging Movers



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