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First of all, Welcome the newly reinvented Mobile and Web application group.

I hope to encourage you to get your friends to join up, and becoming more active in the future. I encourage you send in your suggestions, or ideas for a class and a c;ass or event you would like to present and host. I want to encourage everyone to get all of your technology friends to join the group. For the serious coders in the group, experience or in experience who has interest in collaboratively building something and sharing, to send me an email. Everyone who wants to host events or organize a group events, send me an email.

We will also look at hosting events at different locations within DFW. DFW is a very large city, and we will look at several locations in the coming months in planning out events. I welcome all input and feedback in making this groupt the best and funnest software group in town with the greatest value and benefits.

We will create a dynamic, creative and unique software programming group for anyone who want to learn or to create and get real hands on experience creating virtual web and mobile application development that will expanded to include many related programming languages, media, graphic design, data and data integration within virutal development environments. With the core focus being Mobile App or Web App, we will expand the technology covered or taught to data scientist analytics, AI, machine learning, interactive education media or other advance data analytics and game like applications.

We want everyone from the beginner to the pro to engage and participate. Our goal is for everyone to help and mentor each other, build real software that can potentially result in a real, tangible value to the contributors and certain levels of membership. We seek to create and build libraries of reusuable, generic and object oriented libraries of code to leverage on future application development. As with any social, friendly environment we are here to make friends, network and grow together as a community. Collectivey, if we can prosper as a group from our endeavor of something we consider is fun, educational, then we gain more than new friendship, within a fun educational and social setting. We can build a new future.

We have weekly social coding events, and potentially daily/weekly projects endeavors for those who are really serious, really committed in new opportunities in life. We will create a new Tier membership ranging with basic free membership, to learner, to participant, to contributor, to future ownership and investor opportunities, that will provide future environments for people to utilize for development, and access to tools and resources. In the future, we will expand to include other perks and benefits, including many social, or group travel and fun geeky or nerdy, or serious technology oriented events, or outside activities that may not even involve sitting at a computer. In essence, our future goal is to create a new lifestyle and community that collectively do things together in a great new way.

We also host competitions and projects, or purely socially, oriented and fun events catering to the techie or nerd minded individuals and lifestyles. We welcome and encourage bring kids who want to learn, that are well mannered and responsible that will not disrupt the events. Let’s have some fun, build some cool stuff, and help new people starting building really cool stuff. P.S. If you don’t know anything don’t feel intimated, come on in learn something, make new friends or become a serious contributor in building something with a real future and possible future rewards. We will have an evironment that is diversity friendly, but neutral and respectful to all race, sex, cultures, religion, political or sexual oriented affiliation, with a tendency and expectation of all attendents are expected to be conservatively neutral in behavior and their behavior around and to each other, with no preferences given to any, except those who are respectful and well behavior and community focused.

I welcome any inquiries, corporate partnership or sponsorship, or opportunities to create special events to demo software and provide education relating to software vendors. Our future opportunities are open and unlimited, so, lets do something great. Thank You.

PS Subect to future changes ...

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