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Welcome to DallasJS! We're your North Texas home for all things JS! Whether you're a new developer or a seasoned veteran, come out to converse on all things JS.

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Production-ready apps with React


React is the most popular JavaScript framework. It has a very unique approach to avoid expensive DOM updates by using virtual DOM approach to provide flexibility and performance gain. Its component oriented architecture make front-end development very modern, scalable and efficient. In this talk, we will cover everything you need to get started building production-ready applications with React. This talk will cover * React Core Concepts * JSX * Props * States * Component * Component Life Cycle * Load server-side data Dev Alert: There will be live coding during this talk. Presenter: Jhankar (John-kar) Mahbub is a curious JavaScript developer, speaker, marathon runner. He publishes his tips and tricks for JavaScript developers at thatjsdude.com and videos on youtube. These days, he is spending a lot of time to build an android app called: Programming Hero. https://twitter.com/JSDude005 https://instagram.com/jhankarmahbub

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