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The Dallas CyberSecurity group (DCS) is for anyone interested in learning about latest Cyber Threats, Cyber Threat Intelligence, CyberSecurity opportunities, CyberSecurity start-ups, gaining knowledge in new and emerging CyberSecurity attacks and solutions, best practices, CyberSecurity education, etc. If you are looking for networking, security solutions, reliable CyberSecurity firms that can help with your security needs, or considering a career in CyberSecurity then, this is a group you want to be. All skill levels are welcome.

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The Intersection Between Information Security and Digital Accessibility

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In recent years, many companies and online platforms have made substantial strides to make their users’ data private and secure. Implementing new AI-based recognition technologies, two-factor authentication, and complicated security procedures might seem like the perfect solution in our constantly-evolving world... but it’s only one side of the story.
The mistake most companies now make is missing how 1 in 7 users won’t be able to interact with these security features or will have to give up their privacy just to be able to access their data.
Find the balance between creating a bullet-proof security system/portal that will allow your users to keep their data safe from intruders while also keeping all your design elements accessible for persons of all abilities. In addition, we will also dive into how you can develop a complete plan to tackle any complications that your users might face in the future related to accessibility and their privacy.

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Cam has been working in the tech space since 2009 with a focus on digital accessibility.
Using his experience in sales, software development, and technical consulting, Cam brings a unique and refreshing perspective on how teams can tackle digital accessibility within their organization. Many appreciate his hands-on knowledge of planning, executing, and delivering accessible solutions with practical, real-world examples.
Cam's down-to-earth style engages groups from the moment he meets them and leaves them with a cool confidence in their ability to handle the ambiguous world of digital accessibility.



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