The Hottest Hack of 2019 and how to stop it, sponsored by Contrast Security

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Twice this year, hackers made headlines by tampering with the online payment forms of global brands, and stole huge amounts of data and
personal information from their customers.

This month, we're exploring this technique, called "formjacking," and talking about ways to stop it by embedding application security into your DevSecops practice.

Title: Embracing DevSecOps through Embedded Application Security
Presenter: Robert Statsinger, Contrast Security

More than ever before, the security of software applications is a shared responsibility. This talk will discuss how embedding AppSec directly into applications provides a continuous and unified approach across the SDLC that empowers all of these teams to collaborate and realize the benefits of DevSecOps.

Robert Statsinger has worked in Application Security for the past few years. His prior experience includes Applications Performance Management and its impact on DevOps, Intelligent Device Management, Enterprise Applications Integration, and developer tools and middleware. Robert holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Title: Defense Against Formjacking
Presenter: Travis Farral, LEO Cyber Security

Instead of trying to get through the various layers of security surrounding databases containing credit card data, thieves have found it’s far easier to simply copy the credit card details in plain text as they’re being entered into online forms. In this talk, we'll discuss some helpful tools for making these types of attacks more difficult and more likely to be noticed before real damage can be done.

Travis Farral is Chief Information Security Officer for Leo Cyber Security. With over 15 years of security industry experience, he has developed a strong background in threat intelligence, incident response, and Industrial Control Systems security. Previously Travis ran the Cybersecurity Intelligence & Strategic Services team at ExxonMobil and spent several years at companies such as Nokia and XTO Energy.