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Meet other local people who are making their lives more sustainable--whether in leaps or tiny steps. We are interested in many areas of sustainable living: organic gardening, permaculture, raising backyard chickens, beekeeping, starting a green community, homesteading, lobbying our political leaders to create a more sustainable environment, climate change, peak 0il, and preparedness.

Most of us are urban or exurban dwellers who are trying to create a positive impact on our environment and develop varied degrees of self sufficiency. Some of us are also interested in creating/moving to a sustainable eco-community.

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Herbal Medicine 101

The City of Plano Sustainability & Environmental Education

With very few qualified board registered herbalists in the area, herbal medicine courses and herbal medicine making courses are in high demand. Join with clinical herbalist Lori Valentine Rose, and learn how to make herbal medicine. You can expect to learn the beginning stages of herbal medicine making! Within this herbal medicine 101 class you will learn: The Philosophy of Herbal Medicine How to Use herbs Biochemistry of herbal medicine making Herbal medicine methods: infusions decoctions salves tinctures syrups electuaries Herbal remedies for winter care prevention cold flu coughs fevers At the class you will also be able to purchase herbal medicine making equipment and herbal medicine will also be available for sale as well. Lori Valentine Rose Bio: Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, CNP, BCHN, RH (AHG) is a college biology, nutrition, herbal, and wellness instructor, board certified nutrition professional and holistic nutrition consultant, registered herbalist, wife, mother, organic vegetable, fruit, and medicinal herb gardener, school garden planter, city class teacher, and passionate Zumba dancer! She created, developed, and instructs the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway, the most thorough, affordable, degreed wellness program in the country. She also has a video podcast where she interviews people that have helped her truly embrace real mind-body-spirit holistic wellness. She loves spreading love and light, and helping others feel awesome on the inside and out so they can live their dreams and make this world more awesome! $60 per person REGISTER HERE: https://schoolofpermaculture.com/events/herbal-medicine-101/

Herbal Medicine 201

The City of Plano Sustainability & Environmental Education

Herbal Medicine 201 Registered herbalist and creator of the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway, Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, CNP, RH (AHG), teaches this information-packed follow up to Herbal Medicine 101. This class builds upon the herbal energetics concepts learned in Herbal Medicine 101 (don’t worry, you can still join us if you missed the first one) to cover energetics of common pathologies. The course will walk through common organ-system illnesses, teaching the western-energetics concept of matching herbal actions to the specific energetic presentation of the person. The course will then cover basic formula creation from a western-energetic perspective, and students will participate in mock case studies to put the concepts from class into practice. This is the perfect follow up to take the herbal medicine making techniques from 101 and learn how to apply that to your specific needs. • What to bring • Important to know $60 per student TO REGISTER: https://schoolofpermaculture.com/events/herbal-medicine-201/

Aquaponics - small system design & operation
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Aquaponics uses plants and fish in a symbiotic closed-loop system which eliminates the waste of both the hydroponic and aquaculture components. It allows production of plants and fish with minimal water use and is easily implemented on a small scale. I have a demonstration aquaponic unit that I just did a presentation on and showed at Fredericksburg, I could bring it to the meeting and set it up so that everyone can see how a simple "barrelponic" system works. I have been trained at the University of Virgin Islands St Croix in their aquaponic program, and have also received training at AquaRanch in Illinois and from the designer of the Bioshelters facility in Massachusetts. I do workshops on how to build and operate small aquaponic systems, and have assisted people in the metroplex building systems.

Regular nature walks to learn about wild edible/medicinal plants (and insects?)

This would be a regular event - maybe every 2 or 3 weeks - and would consist of a nature walk lead by 1 or more individuals with knowledge of wild edible and medicinal plants. The venues should chanage in order to provide coverage of different Texas bio-regions (is that even a word?). But multiple walks in the same area would still be of value as repition can help learning. (NOTE: I do not have the knowledge to lead such a group, I'm hoping that someone who does have this knowledge will like the idea and step up to lead. I understand that Oregon, California and Washington have a large number of classes like this.)

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