What we're about

Welcome to the Dallas Vegetarians Meetup!!!

This group is for vegetarians, vegans, and the culinarily curious. Everyone is welcome! Try new restaurants, make friends, trade recipes, sit 'n talk and enjoy a vegetarian or vegan dinner.

The Necessary Evils (aka “Rules”)

Grounds for removal from the group

If you don’t visit the site at least every 3 months, Meetup.com considers you to be inactive and you will be removed from the group after 1 year of inactivity
If you have a combination of 3 No Shows or Late Cancellations (more on this below)
If you harass, stalk, or threaten our members
If you attempt to sell us merchandise, a service, a manifesto, a religion, yourself, or anything else

Attendance and RSVP’s

If you RSVP "Yes", then please show up - even if you're going to come late. If you're not sure, or if you can't make it at all, then please RSVP "No".
3 unexcused No Shows or Late Cancellations may result in your removal from the group
Cancellations less than 12 hours before an event are considered "Late Cancellations" and may count as a No Show (this may vary according to the event organizer)
If something comes up at the last minute just email the Event Organizer with an explanation even if it's after the event has taken place.

Who may attend?

Anyone may attend; you only need to eat vegetarian or vegan food when you are dining with us. Your carnivorous boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. may attend. They just have to order vegetarian or vegan when they do!
Children may attend, if they can be well-behaved in a restaurant. It is totally the responsibility of the parents to care for the kids. And, yes, the children must eat vegetarian or vegan when they attend. (Please consult your doctor BEFORE raising your children on a vegetarian or vegan diet.)
We may not eat at exclusively vegetarian or vegan establishments. In fact, many of the restaurants where we dine are full-service restaurants that serve meat. Just make your selections from their vegetarian and vegan menus.

Diversity of our diners

This group is for people who want to eat a vegetarian or vegan meal in the company of others
Our members have various reasons and motivations for joining our group. They include (but are not limited to): religious practices, environmental concerns, ethical treatment of animals, and health-related issues. Our dinner conversations cover any and every topic under the sun. The ground rules are pretty basic - agree to disagree, engage in civil debate, seek common ground, show mutual respect, and of course have fun and enjoy yourself and the company at the table.
Our members have a wide cross-section of beliefs, philosophies, religions, etc. Please be respectful of others and keep an open mind.


Our membership is completely free-of-charge. Our expenses for the website, name tags, signs, etc. are about $200/year. We have added some sponsors who will help to offset some of these expenses (not all). Please visit our sponsor sites and support their businesses! We may occasionally ask for a donation at some of our events to help defray some of these costs. Donations are totally optional. You don't have to give in order to participate.
Let us know if you know any other organizations that might be interested in becoming a sponsor!

Thank you and be fruitful!

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Sunday dinner at Bistro B

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Sunday dinner at Kalachanji's

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