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What we’re about

Do you like going out for drinks but cringe when you see the bar occupied by college students and hipsters? Are you looking to meet your people within your age range? You've come to the right group! 

We are a group of people (mostly Gen X-ers and late baby boomers) between our 30s to 50's. We have been organizing these monthly happy hours since April 2003. One Friday a month, we go to various bars in Manhattan as well as the occasional Saturday. We also visit bars in the outer boroughs (during the summer). From time to time, we'll do other things, i.e. concerts, movies, and dinners. 

This group is private, subject to approval so if you are interested in joining we require the following: 

1) That you are in the 30's - 50's range.

2) Please be sure your profile includes photo of your face.  No photos (or one of cats, emoji's etc)  are subject to not being approved/declined.  We want to be able to recognize you at en event, and greet you as a friend.

3) Answer the questions (more than 1 word answers) we have posted. 

Furthermore, we do ask that members RSVP for our Meetups, so no flakers, please! Even if you can't attend an event, please give us the courtesy of letting us know.   You are welcome to join if you don't have a pattern of no shows with other groups,

Thank you for your interest in our group! Doug, Kristin, and Marjorie