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Bible Study, Worship & Vegetarian Lunch!
Every Sabbath (which we celebrate on Saturdays) the members of the Danbury Seventh-day Adventist Church and their friends in the local community gather together to engage in a lesson study, a worship service, and then enjoy a wonderful vegetarian lunch together. Our lesson study is basically a book club. We study a lesson that centers around certain passages of scripture and we discuss. Feel free to sit back and listen, ask questions; or if you are familiar with the topic please share and discuss your insights. Everyone benefits from shared perspectives. The Adult Sabbath School Study Guide may be found at . Our worship service consists of a sermon given by our Pastor Jon Claybourn, or by a guest speaker. Last but certainly not least, Lunch! As a member of this church (and non-vegetarian) I can tell you that this lunch is healthy AND GOOD. If you visit us we hope that you stay for lunch because that is the best opportunity we will have to get to know one another. So what else do you need to yeah, when we come to church we tend to dress "business casual". HOWEVER, although the way we dress/present ourselves is important, please don't let the lack of a pressed shirt keep you home. As I said, lunch is great; but, the most important food is spiritual food and we would love to be able to worship with you. Check us out. Best, Steven

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