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Free Meditation Meetup Danbury is about bringing meditation to our communities. I love the following quote. "To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders." Lao Tzu. This quote sums up a meditation practice perfectly and that's why I use it as the name for our monthly meditation class.

This free meetup is for anyone interested in meditation. It's for people to get together to create more peace and harmony. This meditation is a simple guided meditation all done while sitting in the comfort of a chair. The purpose of this meditation is to create a state of thoughtless awareness. The benefits of this meditation are numerous. Some of the benefits include inner peace, happiness, clarity, improved focus, stress reduction, relaxation, and improved physical health. This meditation group is open to all, regardless of meditation experience!

We, also, have wellness classes on various topics. In addition, we will offer online meditation classes for those of you who are out of state. Thanks for visiting.

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