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Let's get together and Dance!
Ladies of Meetup - please consider joining us for our next dance party on the third Friday of the month. If you'd like to know the theme or DJ of this DDPP, or if you would like to get the most recent updates, check our Facebook ( page. We also have a blog ( with all of our playlists and lots more info on the group. Message me with any questions, we are super excited to have you join us, and want you to feel as welcome as possible. Let us know if you are coming so we can greet you when you arrive.

Human Potential Lab

1653 Merriman Suite L3 - Lower Level / Suite 3 · Akron, oh

What we're about

The short of it

Akron hosts one of the many chapters of the female-only cult phenomenon known as Dance Dance Party Party™ (DDPP™). Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance Dance Party Party™ has no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove. There are only three rules in the room – no boys, no booze, and no judgment.

The set-up is simple: an hour of booty-busting tunes, a dance studio with the lights turned low, and women/young ladies/little girls willing to let go.

Attendees can sign up to “Guest DJ” by creating a custom mp3 playlist. Anything and everything goes from Broadway to hip-hop to 80’s hits (along with a warm-up song at the start and a cool-down song at the end); 15 or so songs that will get everyone up and moving. Ladies are encouraged not only to DJ but to give themselves a killer DJ name. (Favorites include DJ Tanner and DJ Roy G Biv DeVoe.)

The long of it

Oddly hard to explain - there are unabashed unashamed dancers and then there are people who wouldn't shake a tail feather if they were a chicken.

Dance Dance Party is for any woman/young lady/little girl who loves to dance but has felt... don't like to dress up just to get sweaty?
...too old/too young/too hip/too unhip to go to a club?
...your dance moves might be left over from high school?
...unsure what the music the djs are playing is supposed to make you want to do?

It is silly. It may even be a little bit weird but, once you have done it, you'll want to do it - ALL of the time.

What EXACTLY do we do? A group of ladies (some strangers, some friends) gets together twice a month and dance for an hour in a big dance studio space. We wear our comfy clothes, we don't pose for each other and we don't talk (at least not much). It is really about dancing it out in a friendly environment - No booze, No boys, No judgements.

And please, no cameras! We don't want any proof out there that women sweat.

$3 suggested to cover cost of studio rental. Girl children can attend for free, we just can't promise the song lyrics will be clean - but we won't intentionally make them dirty:)

We dance the first, third and fifth (if there is one) Fridays of every month @ 8:00 pm. Join our Facebook ( page if you want to get event invites!

We are actively looking for a Sunday Den Mother - if you have any interest in running a Sunday DDPP we'll teach you the ropes and set you up with everything you need. Just reach out.

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