What we're about

Join us for a freestyle meditation movement practice.

You can dance any way you feel like without forms or structure, this is ecstatic dance. We let our inner spirit, the music and the community guide our movements and expression.

For the first 20-30 minutes it is moving freely and warming up and then we move together and with some guidance and dancing with partners.

This is mostly about dance and ecstatic movement practice which can be really powerful for healing and meditation. In every dance there is some emphasis and techniques shared which are more about visualisation, intention and incorporating simple exercises to create a better experience and access a higher consciousness.

Benefits of this practice include

• A strong feeling of Bliss

• Feelings of Love

• Feeling at Peace

• Feelings of Oneness and Harmony

• A sense of freedom

• Letting Go and Surrender

• Ecstasy

• Healing for emotions and the body

• Stronger sense of being a creator

In this space we dont talk and this helps create a better experience

There is no drugs or alchohol

We dance with a sense of freedom to dance with or not dance with anyone if we choose to

The kind of music is varied with some more meditative, some wild and tribal music, jazz, ecstatic dance music and more.

These ecstatic dance classes are facilitated by Sinan who has practiced Mindfulness, Meditation, Qigong and Ecstatic Dance over the last 12 years.

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