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Dance of Awareness (DoA) is a free-flow group based movement and awareness practice, in which we are able to develop and deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Feeling into the body allows us to connect to our felt sense from where we can touch our innate wisdom and creative intelligence.

The Dance of Awareness embraces our developmental years through a ‘wave’ of movement and energy, inviting us to become aware of and move through old patterns into new ways of being.

The wave consists of the following six stages:
Sensing the body directly – arriving into ‘being’ with an internal focus on physical sensation and an external focus on the five senses.
Grounding our bodies in connection to the earth, receiving support
Expressing patterns and movements, ‘this is who I am, this is how I am feeling’.
Releasing the energy that is ready to move in the body, letting go,
Connecting deeper into ourselves – and outwards with others and the world
Completing the journey and coming back to ourselves

The tempo of the music changes as we dance through the cycle, reflecting the emphasis of each phase. There are no special moves, we just move and dance in whatever way feels right for us.

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