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Dance Freedom DJ's 1st Chad & 2nd Robin, Facilitator Jessica
Join 50 or more dancers any Wednesday at Dance Freedom!! We are the original barefoot weekly dance, continuously running for 47 years, that has spawned hundreds if not thousands of other dances around the world. In a drug, alcohol, and shoe-free environment, we've been making friends and sharing safe and juicy dances for decades. Come join the fun!! Discover the joy of dancing in a totally non-judgmental atmosphere, where anything safe and respectful goes... dance by yourself, in a group, with a same or opposite sex partner, or even just chat and enjoy watching. First time visitors are welcomed heartily! You decide what to pay in a range from $10 to $20, or less later in the evening as the event nears its end (information on late admission discounts is at the door). Our friendly dancers range from utterly new at it to very skilled dancers in many different styles. Dance with or alongside amazing dancers from local dance troupes as well as with ordinary good-hearted rug cutters. At work they may be doctors, lawyers, programmers, massage therapists, expressive therapists, artists, students, dog walkers, scientists, or anything else, but at heart they all love to dance. The music runs the gamut: funk, world music, soul & r&b, house, trance, hip-hop, salsa, yoga music, jazz or swing, reggae, disco, you name it! Each DJ from our rotating list has a unique style, but we try to include something for everyone in every set. We keep a good balance in the music: familiar with unusual, timeless with current, melodic with drum-based, and positive lyrics with instrumentals--in all kinds of rhythms & styles! In any given evening, the world music parts of our dance are likely to include at least 3 or so of the following... African, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, zydeco, gypsy and much more. You'll hear everything from basic party music to very danceable songs with socially conscious lyrics, but you won't be hearing anything sexist, racist, violent, hating or otherwise divisive. Start with a soothing stretch and warm up at 7:30, connect with the group and start to boogie at 7:50 with our first DJ of the evening, take a brief break at 8:50 for community announcements and a short unique performance or workshop then cut the rug again by 9:15 at the latest with the evening's second DJ, till 10:30--plenty of time for a great workout and some feel-good inspiration and respiration and perspiration! At the beginning of each half of the evening's music, dancers hold hands, and dance in a winding chain together. (This dance was created from out of a drumming circle on the Cambridge Common in the sixties, after all, and some of that great political and community spirit still lives on here.) Then, it's all dance music, generally building in tempo to a crescendo, slowing down again for some more melodic and slow dance songs for a few minutes, then gradually building to a second crescendo. The second half of the evening's dance follows roughly the same pattern with a different DJ and style, and ends with another circle dance for those who enjoy it. Dancers are always welcome to help with set-up or take-down, and get in free for doing so! It's a great chance to get to know the community better. Welcome! For more information, E-mail:

First Church in Cambridge

11 Garden Street · Cambridge, MA

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Dance Freedom and Dance Friday are spontaneous free-style dances for people who love to dance. They are, for dancers, what musical jams are for musicians. If your previous experience dancing has been mainly in night clubs, our dances might feel like swimming in the ocean after having swum only in swimming pools--finally you have space and support for creativity, natural movement, freedom! You'll see all levels of dancers at our weekly events, moving together or separately, lifted by our DJs' creative mixes of dance styles, varied beats, continents and eras.

Dance Freedom is held every Wednesday. Dance Friday/The Movement Collective, is held 2 Friday's a month and holds one Dance Weekend of classes and Dances Per year . Both are a 501(c)(3) nonprofits dedicated to promoting dance in the community. These dances are safe places to dance creatively and make new friends. Respect for others is essential. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited.

Dance Freedom :
• Every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m
• At the First Congregational Church, Mason and Garden Streets, Cambridge, MA, 02138. (
• Ages 18+ are welcome.
• Admission is on a sliding scale of $10.00 - $20.00.
• Admission is free if you help with setup from 6:45 to 7:30 PM, or takedown from 10:30 to 11:00 PM.
• Dress code: Street shoes prohibited!
• Dress to move the world.

Dance Friday

Dance Friday 1st and third Fridays 8:00-11:00pm
@74 Pleasant St.• Arlington, MA St. John’s Episcopal Church

This season’s schedule:2017
September 1st, 15th , October 20th, 27th*,November 3rd, 17th , December 1st* & 15th

*October 27th & December 1st held at The Armory: 191 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA

2018: January 5th, 19th, February 2nd, 16th, March 2nd, 16th-17th (DNE Weekend!—with local classes on Sunday the 18th), April 6th, 20th May 4th, 18th , June 1st, 15th

• All ages are welcome! children must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
• Suggested Donation: $10-15
• Admission is free if you help with setup from 7:30 to 8:00PM, or takedown from 11:00-11:30 PM.
• Dress code: Street shoes prohibited!
• Dress to move the world.

Each one of our events is unique. Check the calendar for DJ details and special classes.

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