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A group dedicated to dancing for social, emotional, and physical health. We are a dance studio, but also a community of people who love to use dance as a means to express ourselves and meet people that you would otherwise get a chance to meet. Whether it's taking a dance class together, or creating practice groups, going out dancing, building a flash mob, or watching a dance related movie together, we want to do that with you. The Viscount Dance Studio offers classes, dances, practice space, dance parties, and even a dance-film movie night (if you can call Xanadu a film!). We are all about the people and relationships that are formed here, and the transformations people see in their lives when they enter a dance community. Come join us!

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Argentine Tango Quickstart

The Viscount Dance Studio

Argentine Tango Quickstart Workshop (intro) W/GLYKERIA MANIS 1/19 SAT 12:00-3:00p Did you know that Portland is home to one of the largest Argentine Tango festivals in North America? It is no wonder as this romantic and thoughtful dance has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world! Come find out why and how in this special 3 hour workshop designed to get you out on the Tango floor in one afternoon! In this workshop, we will explore Argentine Tango fundamentals (such as frame, timing, the line of dance, and the beauty of walking in Tango) as well as progress to slightly more complicated movements. Students will gain confidence in and connection with their partner and the music given Glykeria’s approached, which is both academic and personable. Come find out what's the to-do about this dance! No prior experience is required. No partner required. Please wear comfortable shoes that do not stick to a wood floor surface (leather bottoms are best). SIGN UP! http://www.danceviscount.com/argentine-tango-classes/ $40 online/ $45 in studio per person *when signing up for a couple, be sure each participant is signed up separately.

Salsa Quickstart Workshop

The Viscount Dance Studio

SALSA QUICKSTART WORKSHOP (INTRO) W/SARAH RIDDLE 1/19 SAT 3:00-6:00p $40 online, $45 in studio Have you been curious about learning Salsa, but feel little intimidated? Don’t be! Let us demystify one of the easier parter dances to learn. It may be fast, but it isn’t complicated, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to know how to shimmy to know how to Salsa! This 3 hour intensive workshop is geared to get dancers and NON dancers moving to today’s most popular Latin Rhythm – SALSA! The class will cover Salsa rhythm, body movement, Salsa timing, 3 basic step variations, three turn patterns, and more! After finishing the Quickstart course, students will be eligible to take the Salsa 2 weekly series, without taking Salsa 1! Don’t miss out on this ever popular, easy to learn dance. Register Now! No partner required. *when signing up for more than one person, be sure each participant is signed up separately. Call for help:[masked] SIGN UP HERE - http://www.danceviscount.com/salsa-dance-classes/

Hip Hop, Sunday edition!

The Viscount Dance Studio

HIP HOP (ALL LEVELS) w/Heather Klawender Sundays 11:00-12:00am This urban funk dance set to contemporary Hip Hop music emphasizes body movement and rhythm. Bring your sneakers and your soul and check your pride at the door because it's all about having fun, feeling fierce, and exercising your physical and mental health! Heathers style of Hip Hop will not turn you into a dancer, it will show you the dancer that you've always been. This class is geared towards getting experienced dancers, and first time dancers looking as good as they feel doing the movements of this dynamic dance. The class will also lead students through a starting warm up, finishing cool down, and proper stretching techniques that will make the class a safe workout. SIGN UP online: http://www.danceviscount.com/hip-hop-dance-classes/ $15 drop in, $50 4 class pass (online)

Argentine Tango Practica

The Viscount Dance Studio

The Practica is an informal dance where attendees are encouraged to dance with other dancers of varying levels, try new things, make mistakes, practice, ask for feedback, and play! An instructor is on hand for asking questions and discussing concepts. Venders of various Tango related goods are often in attendance, making the practica a one-stop-shop-and-dance event! And did we mention snacks? Yes - there are snacks! All ages, all levels, all welcome <3

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