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What is Dance Walking?

Dance Walking is an art of self expression where we let our soul and body move us freely to music whilst dancing and walking through beautiful parts of London.

It's about being courageous, stepping into your light, freeing yourself and by doing so inspiring others to shine and express themselves freely as well.

How it all started:

We started Dance Walking in summer 2012 after seeing this video ( from Ben Aaron who found a guy dance walking on the pedestrian walk in NY. When we saw this video, we also got inspired and wanted to take dance walking to the next level by getting groups together and dance walk through London listening to the same music.

The idea behind Dance Walking is about letting go of fear, self judgment and inhibitions, having fun and spreading the love... and did we mention it's so much FUN!

We find dance walking beneficial if you

• are looking for a way to overcome your fears and inhibitions

• like to feel more comfortable in public

• look for a way to express more joy in life

• love dancing

• love meeting new people

• love exploring London

• love spreading love

How does it work? Download the Playlist from our Dropbox: ( Everyone attending is listening to the same playlist, therefore it's important to download it onto your MP3 player before the event. We publish the playlist the weekend prior to the event. If you have problems with the download please email What to wear: Wear comfy clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Backpacks and bum bags are ideal because to keep your belongings because they allow you to dance freely. Check out pictures & videos: We always capture the beauty of our dance walkers during the event via pictures and videos. If you don't want to be in the video or pictures just let us know.

You Tube Channel with videos from our adventures. Get inspired! (

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Need some encouragement? We know you've got it in you! Embrace the dancing queen and king within you!
Check out what others say about Dance Walking:

"Thanks for the great dance walk yesterday with all of you beautiful people. I had such a fantastic time. I saw the photos today. They're soooooo cool, I've been dance walking all day at work and listened to the playlist twice again during the day and now everyone thinks I've gone nuts. Anyway thanks again and I really hope to see you again soon to spread a bit more love in lovely London" - Dance Walker "Matt"

Video testimonials from our dance walking queens and kings - in case you're still not sure whether dance walking is for you. (

Join us and spread the love...

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