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"Come, come whoever you are..." (Rumi)

Join this circle of heart connection through simple movements and song. No prior experience or expertise in dance or singing is required!

This "meet up" has a maximum of 50 membership spaces. You are invited to join this on-line group or request being added to our email distribution list directly by emailing Nigel at kiwi5usa@yahoo.com (only receiving email announcements of upcoming dance dates).

Each evening features simple, joyful, meditative dances drawing on various spiritual traditions. The intention is to connect us to our shared humanity, to move beyond experiencing ourselves as individual limited beings, instead opening ourselves to the limitless energy of peace, love and harmony. More than singing or dancing (although we invite you to do both), "Dances of Universal Peace" are a beautiful spiritual practice of being in heart connection (with ourselves and others), being in community, and being in peace together following the Sufi idea of "polishing the heart" through singing and movement to simple, sacred phrases and melodies.

These dances emerged in San Francisco the 1960's, when Murshid Samuel Lewis sought to bring young hippies into spiritual connection. Drawing from the wisdom of many sacred spiritual traditions these dances invite us to step beyond any concept of our limited self, into the realm of universal oneness. These practices have a long standing world wide base that offers a direct personal experience of various spiritual traditions. Some of it is just for fun! but we also use sacred phrases to allow us to privately explore our own feelings about spiritual things.....because this is a practice that furthers spiritual growth as well as building community, making friends, enjoying music and movement.

You will be invited to follow simple foot and body movements in a circle, to hold hands, sing to the accompaniment of a guitar/drum and sometimes conclude with hugs (if you wish).

We hope you are able to join us and... bring someone with you!

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Let's join together one last time for 2017!

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Dances of Universal Peace. Northcote Point

Northcote Senior Citizens Centre

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283 Mt. Eden Rd, Mt. Eden.

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