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Heart Healing Mentoring Circle
The Heart Healing Mentoring Circle is for people who have completed a HeartMath program from a HeartMath® Certified Coach, Mentor or Trainer. The circle is a support for those using the HeartMath techniques to transform their inner lives, make empowering decisions and fine tune their practice. We will: -review techniques -deepen our intuitive guidance -provide the opportunity to overcome barriers through regenerative empowerment -dis-empower the negative whispers that still come up - participate in guided activities -Specific topics the circle wishes to focus on I always find working within a group coherence magnifies my own experience and deepens my personal coherence. The Heart's Intuition opens up even more within a group and gives us an opportunity to support each others' decision making process and personal growth. At the very least, it will be an evening of self-care and regenerative inner experiences. We will run from 7pm to 8pm, but plan for 8:30pm so one has to rush out. For Attendees who trained with others: Please call ahead to verify your training experience. HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. (dba HeartMath, Inc.) For all other HeartMath trademarks go to

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Dancing with the Divine has transformed over the year. Joy and I originally ran a Sunday gathering as described below in "Gathering for Healing and Messages". Since that time we added an "Intuitive Development Circle", "Meditation Circle", and now a Healing Circle. Check out the descriptions for the scheduled events. We have a nice core group of people enjoyed by all who come.

The Healing Circle is the newest addition. There is a resonance inside all of us that connects us to the Earth and to Source Energy(although they are the same on this level). I began to explore this using Electronically produced magnetic frequency and binaural beat sound. I have since learned to produce a magnetic frequency naturally that, like a tuning fork, stimulates and upgrades healing mechanisms in others. The Healing Circle is an opportunity to experience this resonance and its benefits. Private sessions are available and recommended for those with chronic conditions. Take a look at the Healing Circle write up for testimonials and conditions I have measurable success with.

"Gathering for Healing and Messages" is a wonderful opportunity to experience meditation, healing and mediumship. It is somewhat like a spiritualist church service with a greater focus on the experience of healing and messages from spirit. We gather every second and fourth Sunday of the month from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (includes a social time with finger food after the circle for those who wish to stay). It is an opportunity to center yourself with a brief group meditation, receive a spiritual/energy healing, share in the healing process and gather into message circles during which practicing mediums (experienced and new) will share messages from spirit loved ones, guides and angels. We welcome all forms of healing and message work. In the past Dancers have offered Reiki, traditional spiritualist healing, shamanic healing and chakra balancing. New and experienced mediums find the message circle to be a safe environment to share their uplifting and positive messages from spirit. Dancing with the Divine is a program offered by Connections To Source. Additional programs are offered for those interested in expanding their experience and training in healing, meditation and mediumship. Ongoing weekly or bi-weekly circles are opportunities to develop intuitive and healing abilities within a comfortable group environment. (See scheduled events for additional information)

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