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Welcome to this unique opportunity to learn how to dance Kizomba, one of the worlds hottest and most expanding dances right now, through the help of your peers and experimental speed learning techniques. You will be introduced to the dance floor as a new way to express yourself. You will be able to move together, following the basic functions Kizomba, and have a lot of fun!

Are you who rather stay at home than go out? When you talk about your interests people tend to fall asleep. Maybe you never or rarely dance without being severely under the influence. Then this state of the art meetup is for you! It does not matter if you havent ever set your foot on a dance floor before.

Our goal is that you, after attending one of our sessions will get it, make new friends and have what it takes to attend regular classes and get out of the house and go social dancing! We hope it will lighten your life as it has done for thosands of thousands of people world wide.

Kizomba is originally from Angola and the word Kizomba means Party. Kizomba grew from its ancestor Semba and through inspiration from Tango, Zook and other dances bult its own culture and are at the present filling the world. In most cities in the world you can dance Kizomba several nights a week and almost every week end there is Kizomba festivals somewhere in Europe and the rest of the world. Kizomba is the key to the kingdom and opens up a world of interesting posibilities and oportunities to make friends all over the planet!

Kizomba ismulti facetted dance and provides a totally unique experience. The basics is easy to learn and the basic technique is built around a number of strict rules in leading and following. But, as you get more experienced, the rules can be bent and broken and open up for a multitude of improvisations.

Dancing is the perfect way to get sort of high. It turns our that when people move together, synchronized to music, in harmony with the beat, energy and variation of tune, the pleasure center in the brain, the body emits high levels of oxytocin and dopamine producing something very close to the optimal experience. Totally free from side effects and hangovers.

At the dancing geeks meetups you will meet experienced dancers that will share their personal insights and techniques with you. Everybody knows how it felt to start dancing and all present understands that it might be intimidating to take the first step in a new skill. Our meetup is a safe place where you cannot do any mistakes. Every step is a step toward your future skills.

The dancing geeks concept has at its only goal to get you dancing. In order to do so there is some obstacles we need to remove:

1. Learn the basics! -- The Dancing Geek is founded of unique speed learning techniques and we allow 4h of intensive training of the basics in dance social codes, basic connection, moving on the dance floor, basic steps and musicality.

2. Get the right feeling! -- In Dancing Geeks every newcomer is paired with an experienced dancer. By having expert guides you will get rapid feedback and every time you do someting right you get to know it giving you the opportunity to build on it. We love sharing and we want you to love this as much as we do.

3. Get to know people! -- It is so much simpler to go somewhere where you have friends. Your Dancing geeks Meetup will provide you with experienced dancers that will make friends with you and make sure to invite you to events, courses and social events.

4. Set a goals and show up! -- To be really good at Kizomba requires that you put your body, mind and soul to it. Lucky for you we have great connections giving you special deals on lessons, courses and other events by our beloved partners. We love to refer you to a suitable teacher for private classes or regular courses for you to expand your knowledge.

Our track record is impressive. At our first Meetup 8 of 10 newcomer attended Drop-in courses, classes or social dances. We believe you will to!

Our Meetups is a 4h experience with a light dinner. Since it is an intensive course the number of participants are strictly limited. To secure your place you pay in advance by Swish, see payment information in each event. The fee includes the rent for the venue your and your dance partners dinner and the cost for keeping the group going.

What style are we teaching? We at Dancing Geeks don´t take sides. We teach a basic functional Kizomba that is useful on any Kizomba floor in the world. We believe in a great foundation in the basics and that each participant will be able to explore all the different ways of dancing with time. The important thing is to get moving get some success in the dance and earn the confidence to come back and do this for real!

Sign up for our next meetup and learn how to dance. Kizomba means party - Lets have a party!

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