What we're about

Hey Dancers!
Stamford downtown venue (with parking!)

Rock step, Triple, Triple? Swing out? Sling shot? Mouse trap? Lolly? Sugar Push? Whip? Mashed potatoes?
What is this? A Mad Kitchen Dance?
Nope! We are going to have a DanseParty!

Mark your calendars Fri 7:30-10pm
Every Friday!
Crash course in one of the following:
Swing: East Coast, West Coast, Blues
Latin: Salsa, Samba
Argentinian: Tango, Milonga
Showcase: Flamenco, Belly Dance

Here is the deal:
Each week we pick a different dance category (no partner necessary, but if you've got one, good for you!)

7:30 learn to dance (bring dance shoes and water)
8:20 showcase performance
8:30 practice (mixed music: 50% in this weeks' category, 50% all other)
9:15 next week's teaser
9:20 DanseParty
10pm Moveon! party somewhere else!

I don't know about you but I think it's going to be great! Maybe we can even have non-alcoholic drinks, energy snacks and prizes for best dances and costumes?
Projected cost:
adults (or if you consider yourself an adult) $15
adults with proper dance shoes $14
adults in vintage style outfit $13
students $7

Basic rules:
Not permitted: alcohol and wet or crunchy food
Not allowed: dress heels or any type of footwear which can scuff the floor
Bad idea: flip flops
Not recommended: sneakers
Encouraged: deodorant and mouthwash
Applauded: fresh smelling good looking duds
Required: enthusiasm for learning, Expected: being polite, supportive, tolerant and patient

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