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“人法地、地法天、天法道、道法自然” 道瑜伽 Experience the Way of TaoYoga ArtsTM drawn from the Ancient Taoist Tradition to assist you in self-healing, restoring vibrant health, and self-transformation... ・・・道法自然・・・ TaoYoga ArtsTM is a Modern Expression of the ancient Taoist Arts of Mind-Body harmony that uses gentle movement, stretches, breath work, visualization and meditation to balance, harmonize, strengthen and heal the body. TaoYoga Arts System has been designed by Jesse Lee Parker to give a contemporary Taoist Practice for modern-day people in the 21st Century in a clear and easy to understand format. TaoYoga Arts System has been highly refined by Jesse Lee Parker, and includes in-depth methods of self-healing, self-transformation and spiritual development – all are presented in a modern context, yet follows the Ancient Theory & Formula of the Past Taoist Masters of Old. TaoYoga ArtsTM cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or the Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner – bringing one to a subtle state of harmony, health and balance. Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life, all form and literally the very fabric of the entire universe. . . . Tao Follows The Way Of Nature . . . Benefits of TaoYoga - Transform the Body & Gain a deep level of Flexibility - Increase Healing Energy in the body - Help one to feel more youthful, positive and vibrant - Gain the experience of a Still & Quiet Mind - Balance the Hormonal System - Activate and Develop the Energy Centers - Gain a beautiful and youthful radiance - Deepen one's Heart Connection with Nature - Develop Inner Harmony & Peace - Unify Body, Mind & Spirit - Heal Emotional Trauma - Strengthen the Immune System - Empower the Aura Field - Gain a deep relaxation - Gain a happy and healthy condition in daily life Nancy Zhou|TaoYoga Instructor Nancy Zhou (Beijing/California) is a unique teacher who is passionate about health and wellbeing and is the only certified TaoYoga instructor in China. A member of the elite group of Jesse Lee Parker’s (founder of TaoYoga Arts System) certified instructors worldwide, Nancy has an eclectic background in education, arts, philanthropy, Indian yoga and more. Through teaching the TaoYoga Arts System, Nancy wishes to bring more harmony and balance both within ourselves and all that surrounds us in life. @Yichang Cafe June 10 @11am-12pm June 17 @11am-12pm June 24 @11am-12pm Including introductory practices of TaoYoga from Follow us on WeChat: artful艺术生活living Or add our WeChat contact: NancyYZhou Contact us today to begin your practice and transformational journey Public Transportation Subway Line - Dengshikou Station Exit A - head north 800 meters, turn right to head east into Neiwubu street, walk until you've reached courtyard no. 27. No parking is available in the alley street of Neiwubu.

Yichang Cafe

Beijing Dongcheng District Neiwubu St. 27 北京市东城区内务部街27号院“一场咖啡” · Beijing

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Internal alchemy, 內丹术; 金丹术 is an array of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that Daoist wants to prolong life and create an immortal spiritual body.

To meet, practice and discuss Daoist meditation, Internal Alchemy, the fusion of the five elements, as well as other healing practices in the Daoist tradition. As one of many practicing methods, using techniques from Ericksonian hypnotherapy, we lead guided meditation sessions exploring the inner world of Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit, breathing techniques and guided visualization. And also, various traditional practicing methods will be presented and discussed.

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