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We are a social club open to all adults. We generally meet on a weekend night in a quiet venue so people can talk without shouting. The topic is disseminated in advance so conversers can research if unfamiliar. Women must wear skirts or dresses and dressy shoes. Men must wear jackets and ties. A portion of chivalry, for example the attire in the Mad Men TV series.

A little more about us. We are a virtual community of similar valued successful people. Free of ostentation and brimming with those who crave great conversation. A community where one's personality and character are appreciated.

Please join our Meetup and bring your smile and pleasant outgoing personality.

Upcoming events (2)

Memorial Reflections

Gordon Biersch

Please RSVP to reflect on Memorial Day and pay tribute to our fallen solders. Because of the warmer weather we'll relax the dress code. Our formal discussion topic will be: why do we no longer elect our war heroes to our highest public offices ? A door prize will be given away, a fifty dollar amazon gift card. We'll see you there :-)

Sadie Hawkins Day Celebration

Gordon Biersch

In the spirit of the classic comic strip Li'l Abner, Sadie Hawkins Day will be celebrated in Dapper style. We'll need a dozen RSVPs to keep this event on the calendar however. Here is how it will work. The single men will bring paper copies of their online dating profile. The single ladies may request a copy from the gentlemen and inquire. The single ladies at their prerogative may ask out whomever they choose. The gentlemen are encouraged to be accommodating and cordial. Married Conversers are welcome to attend as well to partake in the gala and facilitate introductions. If there is enough interest, the venue will be moved to a dance club. We'll see you there Daisy Mae !

Past events (15)

Easter and Estancia

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

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