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Do you think that data governance is a key foundation for a data-centric organisation but still haven't found the answer to where to begin your data governance journey?

I have spent many years promoting best practice in data governance and there’s never been a better time to really make some progress.

Folks are really beginning to get data and it is emerging from the technology and software architecture bunker and becoming super accessible for business folks.

Topics like metadata, social collaboration, automated data discovery, business glossaries, lineage, data asset inventories and not least machine learning are enabling many areas of business, particualtly data analytics and insight. Put all these together and what do you get

the modern data catalogue

This group will take an unbiased view, free from the influence of vendors. It will be informal, we might even be incorrect and a bit controversial BUT we`ll try not to be boring and we will focus on the important stuff.

This group's for you if

• you want to know what tools are on the market, their relative strength and weaknesses and the features on offer

• you are looking to select the right tool to meet your organisation's needs

• you have already chosen your data catalog solution and you want to learn more about the experience of others

Whatever your position on the data catalog journey, from novice to battle weary veteran there is a place for you in Data Catalog World Meetup.

A community is only as strong as its members and the sessions will be interactive, educational and hopefully you will find them enjoyable.

I look forward to you joining this band of data calalogers.

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Free Practical Data Governance Workshop

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