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Calling all Data-Driven Enthusiasts! Data-Driven LDN Meetup is a Meetup run by the creators of the Big Data LDN conference & exhibition (https://bigdataldn.com/).

Speakers at our meetups are global industry experts, focusing on how to build a successful enterprise-wide data culture. Our speakers explain how to align business objectives with data strategy, highlighting issues around data ownership, GDPR, culture, skills, regulation, governance and strategic technology architecture. Data-Driven LDN meetups examine the emerging Chief Data Officer role and critical issues around data privacy and security.

Expect case studies from pioneers in the field, showing how IT can work with business managers and data analysts to provide the modern infrastructure, analytics tools and data integration that they need. Data-Driven LDN meetups examine the top use-cases for Big Data and Analytics and provides practical advice on the pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure success.

All skill levels are welcome!

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Integrating Your Cloud-Based Data Lake and Data Warehouse For AI & BI Workloads

This presentation looks at how you can use cloud storage as a centralised data lake, load raw data into it, produce trusted data using scalable ELT processing, and then make trusted data available to: • Data scientists to develop machine learning models • Your cloud based data warehouse for access by business analysts using traditional BI tools In addition it shows how business analysts can access trusted data directly in a data lake from external tables in a cloud based data warehouse or by querying the data directly from BI tools. Speakers: Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies Andy Steed, Big Data LDN Register free here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/18160/423293

Panel: Getting Real with Data Analytics - Acting on Market Risks & Opportunities

WEBINAR: Big data leaders are no doubt being challenged with market uncertainty. Data-driven insights can help organizations assess, and uncover market risk and opportunities that may arise during uncertain times. As businesses around the world adapt to digitization initiatives, modern data systems have become more mission critical toward continuity and competitive differentiation. Join Unravel’s CDO & VP of Engineering, Sandeep Uttamchandani as he hosts a panel session with global big data leaders discussing: How they are adapting their big data strategies for 2020 and beyond How their tactical/strategic focus areas are evolving in these challenging times How they are keeping their systems oiled and teams motivated What practical advice they can share for other leaders in the big data community Presenters: Sandeep Uttamchandani Chief Data Officer & VP Engineering, Unravel Data; Sam Mohanty, Head of Data & ML Engineering, Data Governance, United Airlines; Harinder Singh, Global Director of Data Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, AB InBev Register free: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17674/401479?utm_source=bigdatalondon

What graph-powered contact tracing can teach business? - WEBINAR

Join us for this webinar about graphs and how you can benefit from better insights in these uncertain times. We will start by presenting how graphs can power the contract tracing use case that is so relevant in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we will not stop there: we will focus on what can be learnt from this use case in other environments, and introduce the power of connected data to any kind of business. Finally the discussion will aim to follow current hot trends like AI, recommendations, data science or fraud detection which are all dependent on an increasing understanding of the connectedness in our data. Register free here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/18160/422686

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