Why Time Really Matters for Big Data!

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Time Series Databases – why they are important, what are the best of breed and how are businesses using them?

QuasarDB, proud sponsor, and their end user customers will cover these three areas in a 1 hour Meetup with Q+A and networking drinks/pizza provided for all following the talks:

1. The history, evolving need and the characteristics of a Time Series Database (TSD). Why TSDs are important for all industries and their use cases (IOT, Financial Trading, Business Intelligence etc.)

2. Best of breed technology for a Time Series Database and how QuasarDB fits that model for industries.

3. Real life examples of Time Series Databases as told by two end users:
o Spectracom/Orolia’s Prisma software solution for Financial Services MIFID II compliance reporting
o Packets2Disk’s software solution for real-time market decode and trading analytics, capture and reporting

*All those attending must register free with the venue host here https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11067-why-time-really-matters-for-big-data

1. Jean-Claude Tagger
Jean Claude Tagger is the COO of quasardb. He has over 35 years' experience in the High-Tech industry has been Managing Director of Dell France, President of NEC Computers for EMEA and held several positions of responsibility at Xerox, Philips, ZDs and Cabletron.
Since 2009, he has supported several software companies in their growth especially at the international level, before devoting himself entirely to quasardb since 2015.
Jean-Claude graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and holds a MSc from UC Berkeley.

2. Jean-Arnold Chenilleau
As an Program Manager for Orolia, Jean-Arnold is in charge of designing solutions for customers, especially in Finance and Trading industries. Part of his job is to be the “voice of the customers” for the Product team.
Prior to his current position, Jean-Arnold has work for 8 years in pre-sales and product development for Security and Aeronautics companies.
Jean-Arnold holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and is a keen sailor.

3. Jon Axon
Jon is the founder and Managing director of Packets2Disk Ltd. Packets2Disk supply trading and Market Data management solutions to some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Packets2Disk specialise in transforming network based data into usable formats and hence into a business asset.
Prior to founding Packets2Disk Jon held senior management positions in a number of companies including Bay Networks, Packet Engines and NetScout. Jon has extensive knowledge of Networks, Network Management and low latency trading.
Jon has a degree in English Literature from Oxford University

4. Marek Kurdej,
Marek has been the Research Engineer at QuasarDB since 2014.
Prior to joining the company, he prepared his thesis on data fusion for the perception of autonomous vehicles. His work involved real-time processing of lidar clouds, camera images and cartographic maps, as well as techniques for managing uncertainty and imprecision in sensor data.
He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska) and holds a MSc and a PhD from the University of Technology of Compiègne.
Marek is a passionate biker, gardener and Mustachian.

*All those attending must register free with the venue host here https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11067-why-time-really-matters-for-big-data