• Elements of a successful AI/Deep Learning project

    BridgePort Brew Pub

    AI & Machine Learning are delivering benefits to more organizations every day. We will explore: Where do I start? How deep learning can be applied Best practices for getting started Decisions you need to make Proof of concept options Cloud, on-premises or hybrid? Resources available to you, and next steps We'll have beer, of course, food, networking, plus a great talk followed by Q&A featuring an AI expert from Skymind. Happy Hour starts at 5. The talk will start at 6 sharp. Sponsors: Skymind, Pure Storage, Kovarus, Heceta Group Speaker Biography: Chris Nicholson CEO & Co-founder, Skymind (https://skymind.ai/) Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Skymind, an open-source artificial intelligence company backed by Y Combinator, Ron Conway's SV Angel and Ray Lane. Chris worked as a journalist for over a decade, covering business and tech for The New York Times and Bloomberg News. He attended Deep Springs College, holds a degree in economics, and lives in the Bay Area. Skymind is the leading open-source AI company, creator of Deeplearning4j and the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL), an enterprise distribution for machine learning. It is Red Hat for AI, building machine-learning solutions for the Fortune 2000. Skymind supports companies applying AI to business problems that range from fraud detection to healthcare solutions to smart robots.

  • Metrics that Drive


    This event is in partnership with the Data Science meetup group. October's Topic is: Metrics that Drive! Industry guest of the night will be Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth ( http://visualworkplace.com/gwendolyn/ ) RSVP mindfully, seating will be limited.

  • The Quant Crunch: How demand for data science skill is disrupting the job market

    Data PDX is back!!!!! At our next Data PDX Meetup we will discuss the recent report just released in partnership with the Business-Higher Education Forum and the Sloan Foundation. We will discuss the overall report and your experiences here in the PDX metro. Please come prepared with questions and proactive feedback. Afterwards, we'll head over to Rogue Hall to share a beer or two and continue the dialogue. 2.7 Million New Data & Analytics Job Openings Every Year by 2020 IBM projects by 2020 the number of annual job openings for all data savvy professionals in the United States will increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000. • Annual demand for data-driven decision makers, which comprise one-third of the data savvy professional job market, is projected to increase by 110,000 openings by 2020. • Annual demand for the fast growing new roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineer will reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020. You can download and review the research in advance here: https://bit.ly/quantcrunch

  • IBM Cloud Data Boot Camp: Be an Analytics Game Changer

    Kell's Irish Pub

    The bootcamp requires registration through eventbrite. Please make sure you register there too. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ibm-cloud-data-boot-camp-be-an-analytics-game-changer-portland-or-registration-18053891676 The cloud can totally transform how your organization unlocks insights hidden in its data, and in born on the cloud data like Twitter, weather, and geo-location info. Cloud data warehouse services like IBM dashDB are ushering in a new era of “analytic creativity” by eliminating the barriers that traditionally limit your ability to deliver all the analytic data projects you dream up. IBM Cloud Data Services invites you to a half-day boot camp, where today’s warehousing and business intelligence experts will share the insights, technology and use cases that will help you unleash your inner analytic creativity. Attendees will: Learn about new approaches to data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics in the cloudSee the IBM dashDB cloud data warehouse service in action, including demos of dashDB with Watson Analytics, Twitter data, R predictive modeling and moreHear from a customer who is using dashDB along with other IBM cloud data services to offer advanced analytics and BI solutions in the media industryNetwork with peers to learn data warehousing and BI best practices and build new connections with fellow data rockstars

  • Learn about dashDB, Jut.io, Looker !

    Location visible to members

    Kell's Irish Pub has agreed to host the event. Every attendee will receive a drink ticket for a beer, house wine, or well drink. We will have a selection of appetizers. If you want to order from the menu that's an option too. After a brief recess, dataPDX is back with 3 exciting topics! dashDB A fully managed cloud data warehouse servicedashDB offers massive scalability and performance through its MPP architecture, and is compatible with a wide range of business intelligence toolsets and analytics. Jut.io Jut unifies all your operational data (logs, metrics, and events) in one platform providing real-time correlation. All your data coupled with Jut's powerful analytics empowers you to answer any question. Looker.com A Unique Approach to Data Analytics Looker makes it easy for data teams to curate a self-service data analytics experience for their entire organization.

  • Data PDX #4: Meet the Google Cloud Developer Advocates Team

    For February we're partnering with Google who is providing the speakers and the hors d'ouvres and refreshments! For those wanting a more techie slanted Data PDX this is it. What do you get when you combine a group of engineers obsessed about cutting edge technology? A bunch of tech enthusiasts that make up the Cloud Developer Advocates Team at Google We love helping make all of you as successful as possible as you build apps that take full advantage of everything that Google Cloud Platform has to offer. We like talking to you, but even more than that, we like to listen to your feedback. We want to be your voice to the Google Cloud Platform product and engineering teams and use what we hear to help create the best possible developer experience. The event will be focused on providing many opportunities to meet and greet the Google Cloud DAs and talk to them face-to-face in a social atmosphere. We will offer "topic tables" where people can just meet and discuss topics of interest to them. Tentative topics (feel free to comment on the Meetup and suggest your own!): Big Data Docker and Containers + Google App Engine Google Compute Engine Google Cloud for Go Google Cloud for Node.js Google Cloud for Python Google Cloud for Java Cloud Mobile

  • Data PDX #3


    Featured December speakers: • Sean Mulvihill & Jay Jobanputra, DataRPM (http://datarpm.com/), Smart Machine Analytics for Big Data • Dr. William Turner, Presidio (http://www.presidio.com), The Ideal Infrastructure for Long-Term Big Data Success This month's event is hosted by CorSource (http://corsource.com). Doors open at 5:30, talks begin at 6. Smart Machine Analytics for Big Data Smart machines - cognitive computing systems that are modeled after the human brain and can learn from experiences as humans do - are emerging and are changing human-computer interactions. Rather than simply being tools that humans leverage to get their work done, smart machines think, act and interact like humans. The power of cognitive computing applied to big data has ushered in a new era of industrial and educational potential. Sean Mulvihill, VP of Sales at DataRPM and his colleague, Jay Jobanputra, Director of Sales, will present a variety of cognitive computing technologies being applied today at the frontier of big data analytics, including: smart data modeling, computational search graph, and natural language question answering. Attendees will learn how organizations are leveraging Smart Machine Analytics to empower their users (of any skill level) to interact with big data in a language they understand - their own. The Ideal Infrastructure for Long-Term Big Data Success Most organizations build IT infrastructure today to handle peak loads, and manually provision resources to respond to changes in demand. In addition, they use dedicated, single-purpose hardware for many critical functions. Rapidly emerging software-defined solutions, however, enable infrastructures to flex with business demand. They use automation to provision and de-provision software-defined networking, hosting and storage resources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Dr. Bill Turner, VP Data Center Architecture at Presidio, is an engaging speaker who will present the software-defined infrastructure fundamentals followed by detailed case studies of end-user organizations that benefit from this approach. Architects, engineers and managers will learn how organizations can use responsive software-defined infrastructure to reduce costs, improve IT service levels, accommodate changing workloads, and improve availability.

  • Taming Big Data: An AppNexus Tech Talk


    AppNexus is truly tackling Big Data problems. This is a great opportunity to learn from their experts. I look forward to seeing you at AppNexus next week. AppNexus is providing food, beer, and wi-fi. -Steve AppNexus' advertising systems generate over 120 TB of data everyday, which makes running a mission-critical data pipeline with tight SLAs (encompassing over a 1000 ETL jobs running hourly) an extremely challenging endeavor. Please join our next Tech Talk on November 12th as AppNexus' Senior Data team, Ersin Yilmaz, Swapnil Pandit, and Ankit Malhotra, give an insider's look of our Data stack and specifically how the team leverages Hadoop, HBase and other technologies and strategies to tame this data. Speakers: Ersin Yilmaz, Engineering Director at AppNexus Swapnil Pandit, Team Lead in the AppNexus data platform group Ankit Malhotra, Data Engineer at AppNexus AppNexus asks that in addition to RSVPing on Meetup.com that you also RSVP (http://appnexustechtalktamingbigdata.splashthat.com/) here

  • Data PDX Kick-Off

    Thetus Corporation

    This month's speakers are: • Kord Davis, author of Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk & Innovation (importance of transparent data handling policies: what do you collect? how do you use it?) • Eileen Boerger, CEO of Corsource Technology Group (Transformed: How Data Analytics Influences Company Performance and Culture and what you can do about it) Doors open at 5:30, talks at 6pm, followed by networking with wine donated by the TAO and beer from Thetus. And Pizza!