Fostering Collaboration and Empowering AI for Good at Scale

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AI is extremely promising for humanity. It can help to address some of society’s greatest problems and unlock immense value for businesses.

This meetup features speakers who are working on AI for Good, with the goal to spread the opportunities and benefits of AI to the planet’s billions.

Note: this event precedes the 3rd Annual UN AI for Good Summit in Geneva. While it is not directly affiliated with the Summit, it is a wholehearted supporter of the Summit.

Talk 1: Scaling up AI for Good with AI Commons
Speaker: Trent McConaghy
Abstract: The AI for Good movement is a concerted effort to meaningfully improve peoples’ lives with the help of AI. It’s about connecting problem / data owners like NGOs and governments with problem *solvers* like AI researchers & data scientists. But, how do we scale this movement to global capacity, to minimize friction in making these connections? Enter AI Commons, which includes a public utility network to connect all the actors in efficient ways, alongside global scale storage and compute networks.
Bio: Trent did AI research for two decades, including machine creativity and AI to help drive Moore’s Law, via two startups (both acquired) and a PhD. Now he focuses on AI * blockchain, via Ocean to democratize AI data, and BigchainDB decentralized database. His hobbies include Token Engineering and advising governments on AI and blockchain.

Talk 2: Unlocking Data to Empower Rising Communities
Speaker: Oliver Gilbert, Managing Director of Next Billion
Abstract: Companies need consumer & retail data to grow in emerging markets. Their only current option is to pay huge agencies for expensive and inflexible reports, without delivering value to local stakeholders. However, unlocking data can create new opportunities to empower rising communities.

Join us to discuss how technology and data can increase livelihoods in emerging markets, create the foundation for AI for Good, and scale with commercial partners.
Bio: Oliver directs Next Billion, a Singapore-based social enterprise that creates data platforms and insights in last mile emerging markets, while enabling local stakeholders to share fair value from their data. With backgrounds ranging from global development to mobile development, Oliver and the Next Billion team have developed, operationalized, and scaled rural insight and social impact initiatives with 25+ leading brand partners in 11 countries since 2013.

Data Scientists, Entrepreneurs, AI Professionals, Policy Makers, Software Developers