Structured Streaming - Spark with Databricks

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Abstract: Structured Streaming - Spark with Databricks

Silvio Fiorito, from Databricks, will be giving an overview of the latest Structured Streaming APIs in Apache Spark 2.1. He will focus on the key differences with the older Spark Streaming API in 1.6, the new types of applications Structured Streaming enables, and how users can monitor their streaming applications in real-time.

The talk will include a live demo showing a Structured Streaming application driving real-time visualizations within a notebook environment.

Speaker Bio:

Silvio is a Solutions Architect with Databricks. He joined the company in May, 2016 but has been using Spark since it's early days back in v0.6, has delivered multiple training courses, and spoken at several meetups in the DC area. He's worked on Spark projects with customers in the financial industry, digital marketing, and cyber security. In addition to Spark development, Silvio also has a background in application security and forensics.