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When creating the best possible architecture for big data and machine learning solutions, it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest developments in technology. With this meetup we aim to share insight in the latest developments and discuss best practices in the field of architecture / infrastructure / engineering based on real use cases. We regularly end the meetup with a hands-on session where you can play around with what you've just learned.

If you would like to speak at one of our meetups, shoot me an email at ruurtjan.pul@bigdatarepublic.nl.

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Orthogonal functional architecture with John A. de Goes

To be announced - somewhere in Utrecht

Update 20 feb 2019: Subject and abstract announced :) Still looking for a bigger venue. Suggestions are welcome! Update 16 feb 2019: Looks like there's more demand than spots. We'll try to get a bigger venue. Join the waiting list for updates. ------------ We're very excited to announce that John de Goes will be speaking on our meetup! Agenda 18:00 Door open - food is served! 19:00 Talk by John de Goes 20:00 - 21:00 Drinks Abstract Well-architected libraries for functional programming are at once immensely beautiful and practical. They are simple but extraordinarily powerful, helping users solve their problems by snapping together Lego-like building blocks, each of which has just one purpose. Yet, there is a surprising dearth of material on how developers can construct their own well-architected functional code. Many functional programming tutorials discuss type safety and making illegal states unrepresentable, but few speak on the subject of good functional interface design. In this presentation, John A. De Goes takes to the stage to discuss a nebulous and underrated tool in the arsenal of every functional programmer: orthogonality. This tool allows programmers to craft the building blocks of their functional code at "right angles", so they can be reasoned about simply and composed predictably to solve complex problems. John introduces the concept of orthogonality, looking at its geometric and algebraic origins, presents a way to measure orthogonality, and then walks through a number of interface examples, comparing non-orthogonal designs with orthogonal ones. By the end of the session, attendees should have a newfound appreciation for how important orthogonality is to constructing good functional interfaces, and they should develop the early stages of an intuition about how to slice up a complex problem into core, single-purpose, composable building blocks. About John de Goes John is a functional programming, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and long-time software architect and engineer. He love startups, technology, science, software engineering, fitness, and his family. In addition to his consulting business, he's currently CTO at SlamData, a company building cool open source software for NoSQL analytics. John is also one of the main contributors to Scalaz and ZIO.

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