• Can AI be Unfair? A Deep Generative Model to Enable Unbiased Facial Recognition

    Posting on behalf of the Northeastern team that is organizing this event. Abstract: Our devices and its cloud-based APIs use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to choose for us a set of candidate actions. As users, our routine is influenced by algorithmic recommendations to watch a movie, add someone on a social network, or read the news. If this technology is so useful, then what is the problem with its use at a large scale? Recently, these algorithms have been blamed for encoding bias and stereotypes unveiling potential ethical issues, including that they may be less precise for individuals from under-represented groups. Florez will talk about the Math responsible for discriminative power and why it is important that Women, LatinX, Afro-Americans, and LGTB groups get involved in promoting the development of AI technology. About our speaker: Omar Florez is a Senior Research Manager at Capital One working on enabling natural conversations between humans and devices. He was also a Machine Learning Researcher at Intel Research Labs focused on teaching computers to understand user context by discovering patterns in images (visual question answering) and audio (prediction of acoustic events) and is a recipient of the IBM Innovation Award on Large-Scale Analytics. He used deep learning for accurate predictions and Bayesian models for discovering interpretable hypotheses. He holds a Ph.D. in CS from Utah State University.

  • Data Council SF 2019 - the community data conference

    Needs a location

    Data Council (https://www.datacouncil.ai) is coming to San Francisco April 17-18th! Below you will discover: - A special $200 discount for our Meetup members - Context and history behind Data Council - A link to a free video of a past panel at Data Council called: "how to level up your career as a Data Scientist or Data Engineer" - What to expect at the conference Discount: $200 Off Regular Pricing https://www.datacouncil.ai/san-francisco-2019 To redeem your $200 discount, use the code: Galvanize200 *Note: Some Historical Context on DataCouncil for Our Community DataEngConf (a conference many of you are familiar with from past attendance) has changed it's name to DataCouncil.ai. Created by Hakka Labs founder Pete Soderling, DataCouncil is still the go to community-oriented technical conference that bridges the gap between data scientists, engineers and analysts that many of you know and love. Example Panel from Data Council NYC: "How to Level Up Your Career as a Data Scientist or Data Engineer" I've been involved as a volunteer and community organizer with DataCouncil for several years now. Here's a fun panel where Josh Schwartz (Head of Data Science at ChartBeat), Nicholas Chamandy (Head of Data Science at Lyft) and Jonathan Lenaghan (VP of Science and Technology at PlaceIQ) give advice on how to level up your career: https://medium.com/@jaredpolivka/panel-leveling-up-your-career-as-a-data-scientist-engineer-d0ecc168822 What to expect from Data Council SF 2019 In addition to informative panels, you should expect: - 2 days & 50+ insightful talks by leading data scientists and engineers from top companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Curai, Democratic National Committee, Zuora, Stripe, Wootric, Rise Lab (UC Berkeley), Elementl, Circonus, Elastic Search, Heroku, Stitch Fix, Salesforce, IBM, Facebook, and many more. - 6 unique tracks: Data Platforms & Pipelines, Databases & Tools, Data Analytics, Machine & Deep Learning, and our all-new tracks: Hero Engineering and AI Products. - All-new content including our brand new Founders Panel of top founders in the data space. - Extensive networking opportunities at the conference, or connect with speakers & attendees at our Wednesday night after-party between event days. - Small group Speaker Office Hours following each talk with an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject matter 1:1 with the speaker. - Attendees that are highly-technical data scientists, engineers, analysts & technical founders from top tech, media, and finance companies around the SF area. - Connect with our great companies at Partner Spotlight to discover their available data jobs and latest product developments. Checkout some of our amazing speakers coming to SF 2019 here: https://www.datacouncil.ai/speakers Remember to redeem your $200 Discount: https://www.datacouncil.ai/san-francisco-2019 Use the code: Galvanize200 Enjoy the conference! Warmly, Jared Polivka Stay in Touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredpolivka/

  • Improv for Technologists - You are a Storyteller

    Galvanize - San Francisco

    In this workshop, you will to learn to become a stronger presenter and storyteller. This is an on-your feet workshop, not a lecture. You will play games, do fun storytelling exercises and learn tools to help you connect to your audience. This class is for all skill levels. In problem solving (especially in data science & engineering), context or *how* the problem came up in the business and *why" we're trying to solve it in the first place is important. Then the *what* you did, the *business impact* (i.e. resolution or moral of the story) of a successful project are also key ingredients in communicating to stakeholders. *Note, expedite check-in and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improv-for-technologists-you-are-a-storyteller-tickets-59113468977 Why Improv? Forbes, the New York Times, Harvard Business Review and many other publications have written about how improv training is amazing business and startup training. How does improv help technology workers? Improv helps people: - Listen and be present - Be better communicators - Tap into creativity - Relieve anxiety/stress and release tension - Celebrate making mistakes and be more resilient - Gracefully deal with uncertainty - Make your partners look good and collaborate on teams more effectively - YES AND in addition to being useful, improv is fun! ***Remember, register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improv-for-technologists-you-are-a-storyteller-tickets-59113468977 What Takeaways to Expect: - Develop deeper listening skills - Hone your audience awareness - Get in touch with your natural presence - Embrace body language that makes you open and flexible to ideas instead of closed off. - Be more comfortable going off-script (i.e. improvising) during presentations, in Q&A, and in life. - Take the focus off yourself and serve your audience by “being interested, instead of being interesting” - Use “yes and” thinking to collaborate more creatively and effectively with your team - Take care of your teammates and notice when team members feel excluded or afraid to contribute their thoughts. Sometimes, great ideas go unspoken. Who Should Attend: - Data Scientists and Engineers who want to improve communication, listening skills, and be more compelling. - Industry professionals and bootcamp students who want to feel more relaxed and confident in job interviews. - Founders and executives leading teams - Product Managers - Designers - Creative Directors, Video Makers, Copywriters, Marketers, who want a creativity boost and new storytelling tools - Teachers, therapists, yoga instructors, health and wellness professionals - All kinds of people from all walks of life! Class Agenda: - 6:30 pm - 7 pm: drinks and snacks (sponsored by Galvanize) - 7 pm - 8 pm: joyful storytelling games to warm up spontaneity, ignite our imaginations, practice being kind to ourselves and practice celebrating mistakes - 8:00 pm - 8:15: bathroom break - 8:15 - 9:15 pm: Additional storytelling games / exercises - 9:15 pm - 10:15 pm: Integration. Here’s where we put it all together and do group scenes games, mock job interviews, improvised presentations, etc. in front of the class. Donations Encouraged: Donations of $30 per person for this three hour workshop are encouraged Donations enable us to continue offering these workshops to the community. This workshop usually costs $60+ per person. Donation Methods Accepted: - Donorbox: https://donorbox.org/you-are-a-storyteller-sf - Venmo: @jaredpolivka - Cash About the Teachers: Jared and Erica Jared Polivka Jared previously served thousands of students around the world as Director of the School of AI at Udacity.com. With a background in product, design thinking, developer evangelism, storytelling and improvisation, Jared has found that improv skills are incredibly useful in working at organizations (i.e. startups) dealing with uncertainty and change.

  • Zero to Deep Learning (Paid Event)

    Needs a location

    Friend of SF Data Mining, Francesco Mosconi is teaching a 5 day bootcamp on Deep Learning. Learn more here: https://bootcamp.zerotodeeplearning.com/ Discount for Our Members: Use the discount code datahero10 to get 10% off on any ticket. *Note: - Early bird tickets are available till August 15th - Supply is limited and seats are selling fast; we expect all seats to be filled by August 31st. About Francesco Mosconi: Passionate about the data and ML communities, Francesco has volunteered as a guest presenter and teacher in the past with SF Data Mining, PyLadies, Kaizen Data and many other great data organizations in the Bay area. Francesco is the author of the book ‘Zero to Deep Learning’. Francesco previously served as lead Data Science instructor at General Assembly and The Data Incubator. He was Chief Data Officer and co-founder at Spire, a YCombinator- backed startup that invented the first consumer wearable device capable of continuously tracking respiration and activity. He earned a joint PhD in biophysics at University of Padua and Université de Paris VI and is also a graduate of Singularity University summer program of 2011. Francesco works with Fortune 500 companies and startups, building capabilities in data science, assisting them harness the power of machine learning and deep learning to achieve their goals.

  • DataEngConf SF '18 (paid event w/ discount)

    Golden Gateway Inn by Holiday Inn, San Francisco

    Join us for DataEngConf SF (http://dataengconf.com) - the 3rd annual community-oriented technical conference that bridges the gap between data scientists, engineers & analysts - in San Francisco April 17 - 18, 2018. Members of our meetup can receive a 20% discount on tickets with code SFDM20X at http://dataengconf.com/tickets This year, our largest ever data event yet includes: • 2 days of insightful talks by 50+ leading data scientists and engineers from top teams at Lyft, Instacart, Facebook, Databricks, Stanford University, New Relic, WeWork, Pivotal, Citus Data, Clover Health, CoreOS & many more • Brand-new Data-oriented Startups Track (http://dataengconf.com/startups) featuring the technical stories of 20+ hand-picked startups doing novel things with data • Career networking opportunities at the conference, plus connect with speakers & attendees at our Tuesday night data community party between conference days • Small group Office Hours with speakers, and separate tracks that focus exclusively on data engineering and data science/analytics • Meet other attendees that are highly technical data scientists, engineers & analysts from top tech, media and finance companies around the Bay Area • Connect with companies at Sponsor Spotlight to discover their open data jobs and latest data tools Schedule: • Tue, Apr. 17: Day 1, opening keynote, track talks, Sponsor Spotlight gallery & conference after-party • Wed, Apr. 18: Day 2 & open & closing keynotes, track talks & Sponsor Spotlight gallery For full event information and to reserve your seat now visit: http://dataengconf.com

  • Scale By The Bay

    Twitter HQ

    Last minute post, but if you are interested our old friends at By The Bay are hosting Scale By The Bay from Nov 15-18 at Twitter. If you would like to attend, register with the link below. Here's the event description they sent over... ------------------------ Dear SF Data Mining members -- as you know, Matei Zaharia, the creator of Apache Spark, has chosen Scala, a functional programming language, to implement it, with one of the benefits being composability. Composable abstractions allow for creation of comprehensive data pipelines and better reasoning about their behavior and performance. We are fortunate to add Matei's keynote to Scale By the Bay this year on 11/17 at Twitter HQ. Matei spoke at Scala By the Bay many times and is a great friend of the community. Below is Matei's keynote abstract. ----- Composable Parallel Processing in Apache Spark and Weld The main reason people are productive writing software is composability: engineers can take libraries and functions written by other developers and easily combine them into a program. However, composability has taken a back seat in early parallel processing APIs. For example, composing MapReduce jobs required writing the output of every job to a file, which was both error-prone and slow. Apache Spark helped simplify cluster programming largely because it enabled efficient composition of parallel functions, leading to a large standard library and high-level APIs in various languages. In this talk, I'll explain how composability has evolved in Spark's newer APIs, and I’ll present Weld, a new research project I'm leading at Stanford to enable much richer composition of software on emerging parallel hardware (multicores, GPUs, etc). Systems like Weld and Spark will allow engineers to focus on building their application rather than the intricacies of parallel hardware, and might represent one of the best ways we have to tame the ever-diversifying hardware landscape. ----- We also added more panelists and more talks, as well as fireside chats, at Scale By the Bay (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=dFUbVO7Oo1alrP-2FP1Sl98YAXnsjWmdhx10KmLyoSuaS3bmEQX-2BFItMNXJaKUj7PKI-2F3K-2BvwNT-2B5PSb4BIVE2YZdUADtikrT87pwGMoOSzjtmnmfF5X-2FLMmSM6uwAN-2Bwb-2F0X-2BtsPFR-2BmIU3XLgVQ4SyxRAxAUZmqpn3P3zHeuWw4kE07YbCLpojUCdPFwyWkWFDsmPk0QAxLLwkcGIEk8WPiMMJiatrmHkqGzEZwYvg4-2FpoQCgYqajJKgBpbV-2FR5u1-2FQmdXPPOO1e4pit0ctwukeAQCm5pOJ4lDkw9IvLGhZ5es5OTXyGglzlwgv8P6JVWdI8CrpBhKcE15O1JTVnDyyLh9ZhbKEaqU3qO41Bj1mcJEqX-2BQbU-2BYJAbUhAzpcSHhX9ioJotK9RRVegv10r2GIBrSP-2Fk11MqjwyQkJclmNcbWXjPG5tcYuMbaQOzm0DAKOJ44g5QD-2FYxxSVEEbpjAj2-2Boddg9dTR7F-2B8ooFyNjxeFPPpu5g4HeW6Leid85aPPkLFiMQ-2FmWas7MkBz2-2F6IIlVimdvw7NX-2BeBJSlq-2BO-2FtCDfhq-2FI2LU1S9P7XSGBeXU7T41jzY05LQeG24CuzsJNpLZnGL30zp8cu7PriRiONAE4IODLdejEYh0vz0zEM9VZDkLAivjiLjLf-2FNu0fbKjuf5L2Szle7SG5GPCDkH2PUXzoivkXcGX3lbM1Qr-2FYfTk3yG28VhnDsVUNBbZidObWAR98dDaaaqKEZulhAm0HLo0Lxdf48bJtLHjDq2atxywifvqsRRyeJAz23xqW6kdo0OMtytSa07K-2FiUr29EOEWDdvVJFv5yhUrhesq3FBvtPPx5Xzig-2BNbvTUtZJkobZGgC3oIcxAjp3910Xa0SOA56Bn8aF2T3FJJgqNc9Qa2ResI-2FPSQ3FOtlayQCAAiMsnak0rj2M1-2FXBIJM0TYHS8ID8-2Br6UcRAuujZ8vwR1-2FmIVuYH3haX5L72Ras0P0YbV6Bmhtf5w9-2F8PfzRBTuHJuM1UDMbw9C9T2MYMDLiBR_m2saDy-2FJFVKKGxHkwaglH6GxjknEzqDILH1dIWgpAnSwh034a1BvQfRIiFrox9RLrc5BHYYZ4vG7ARgtigEIpHAflljRhGGxmf8G-2BtR4uDcfX-2B2F7mIu7ub5bCT7hy20SI2nWubkVW7Xmr59GFSW-2F0-2BP2l5Y1ovqVHIT-2FUaUKddyZpSRblUyyvBcnwWHt8tJ54s1GjYhgV8haRcWi37Urg-3D-3D). Fireside chat with Ben Hindman, the creator of Apache Mesos, and Ian Downes, the current Mesos lead at Twitter, is on 11/16, during the Happy Hour, at Twitter SF. It is worth remembering that Spark originally was a test application for Mesos! Fireside chat with Evan Weaver, the original data lead at Twitter and now Fauna founder, andf Boaz Avital, the current data lead at Twitter, is on 11/17, during the Happy Hour, also at Twitter SF. The Istio/Envoy/gRPC workshop (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=dFUbVO7Oo1alrP-2FP1Sl98YAXnsjWmdhx10KmLyoSuaR0FCKMipL8xoKuPE3fLkOW047bo4OSxZCFQwjK28cdrYF5xNqhRCIRpy4OPMzTEbx8B4uHCiu7qpDNYP3UtYG5shrmydp37LRn17LK7DEKUciukbn-2BkxabWhFVNHjeq-2FRoss9uNZnUDRWTjFO7Ytvd811ffqIQFQ8Pq67oIxCxkLPaG51iBk277aAXvhfc4WtcK8FFlhh44pcdoCpuAKvnBX1dS6ck1JY3I7Mb27Cugg8sDRiXMYvk6LXueMWY6E5-2BxnvVztDYHpF39c5AMABPfcm4gCw-2BNWSPw-2B5YPSN9KuSa29Cq7TK40ersb3HZZwvtwIVXTEUwybjItFArFOJmSDKHWTBShAPv-2F9XfF1qafORcb3jtqBe53ODKkfTWSDxfVUlCDQ1C19q51LorH6vKTJoPSFx1jbWcZBHWuNhiambqqfoePwnuk9dUwApSj74-3D_m2saDy-2FJFVKKGxHkwaglH6GxjknEzqDILH1dIWgpAnSwh034a1BvQfRIiFrox9RLO3m5NGv7Iz6A8ZALfhjcAV-2BJN8E2hV6Kfiw0BfVtOlpi9sIAu6VU3HWlZPhBTw7MVI9QvyQ-2F-2FEGzRZQMuCgMPJJvcCZB6vDSNAPvHzFmuD0KtegPWbz0kEXY4JelTZfFV3lPHwF5CJimUol9srknXw-3D-3D) is hosted and sponsored and co-run by Google at Google Launchpad. It is getting quite full. We blog with speakers at blog.bythebay.io (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=dFUbVO7Oo1alrP-2FP1Sl98YAXnsjWmdhx10KmLyoSuaS3bmEQX-2BFItMNXJaKUj7PKI-2F3K-2BvwNT-2B5PSb4BIVE2YZdUADtikrT87pwGMoOSzjv4fF0iYzlacTBrEI8MuPn-2BYW2DgLCt1FFP3HSxak3xdfuaIKhbmMH5JPochyGA7kdcbOi5cOG-2FaDspD-2BP096ZMiledRDOviCOUaKvpnAVnmrYY9gG7JkmvfKskRJqJqmSiUA1yuLxh-2FsNKd40UbPpOSoobU2W2ZlP21hGALRu1TtjXY-2BS2qW-2BsFJa5hmuX1tDHbgfk68nm-2FYxgGjkQZh2ZYZMKVOcWYj4SOnpD-2FTLK38TNvokGU9poIS0Yq182mjBOQO0-2BNekWYNXB6AoMzgik53Yi4yB7ZQhSOz0MQW-2Fk6RtTu7jYuAKOaM27rop772uu4nNdVKpeqKgGPEW6QR2EUDer-2BWcoqle0JaeMv4i2EU7UoSrdHHBk-2B61-2Fg0Glj-2FUTvTdQpf3MiQft-2BiEmNF0yQxJNsGA-2ByqioPvgX0KMepaF-2BhPY3ZN5XuC7loUd8KSW8ojspjmg8NPoxYx5BH6PF33y4Jbeq-2BLfYoJKN8inxSydtWkoqaNToUG8BZtqo5SHgy3vVEAqqUW-2BfnGrRF4LBQazy4AUqCNmMF6YThL7lquXn8tlFcd-2BtGY9InuFOf-2FbqGQVIGJvZcmkVyYeZ7l7CADDy6h394SjKbEPpNo7UgHm9BJ2Wn-2B-2F548UMShVKHNI80GXfqMyMN8shkmP0apuJK85GXUQ-2BajH3Vpp8p-2FQI6dk7D45gLWioRo-2FZ4CxIxqa1NPHFD5uu-2BmWsH-2Fl7i34g2pJskf5mqjB-2Fez40Nvp0mPKy9Litvjjm4sIw7GDit-2F65UuOz3-2FVC5Q3LlKp6L-2BZ6NnycWEA3sgEg5K5saNmDkGjWktsN-2BndsXF2MGeAps0AxWuMeRIi3jbPCXwgYRA4c6EJgfRqaIX5rATt-2BB3rCbOs0MVkiDlnYnkbNQfBclj2a8iWByJZcBaIVGKb9KLj907nLFobp1eBZHvkcga5Zow-3D-3D_m2saDy-2FJFVKKGxHkwaglH6GxjknEzqDILH1dIWgpAnSwh034a1BvQfRIiFrox9RLcN4-2B5I46M-2FJAjWBXNk-2BHzOo8v-2FaOhM0Wk84c-2BnsWIDg74UkRkRRuMpJ7G8RNxK8tRCb2EbyIZBHwOPPFDjBmvaTfKSUDwoI-2FJbx11ougKdjzAA1ibxOvmJEBHqwHuM8ff35BANpAIAv1iCaY82pUfw-3D-3D). It includes the interviews with the Legends of Twitter, folks who started companies based on the Twitter architecture stack, and who will reunite on the Legends of Twitter and Beyond: Real-World Architectures (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=dFUbVO7Oo1alrP-2FP1Sl98YAXnsjWmdhx10KmLyoSuaR0FCKMipL8xoKuPE3fLkOW047bo4OSxZCFQwjK28cdra-2Fq0AKU8GTJJJZfThkHNfTooeL8vkz222SIlTVE37R1VbhtNYoiOAmAj5oAxt8mD-2B-2FfAaaR9TFQQIV-2FaMH-2FmUyPGIrx8FNoNk-2BwzK-2FPKUZ8YJvz4Iuzuq0PpNAFfGzA6R2Mv3j1yUJlKXbIXLfvtl1aY1iwzYLpfJXWz5pACOyaSfXzYvSHPZ36FTLqZCPfnon8iTrjGxCjoGxvX64deXtDD-2B0ASvVGkRxmtnBZs-2F5iV5WhrH93uETFfKNmXBblia3O2A-2Bn6v2PH049DkCmbxMiop-2F32s8Jc9Ury8nZvDU1KYjEQ4rFvjDNjj-2F8ZLBEirEukntf64u9pWw49qML7p32Bf-2BRv6qb6Xsz4qJdGmap13RsHXmd830zCxIwfB-2BbOA-3D-3D_m2saDy-2FJFVKKGxHkwaglH6GxjknEzqDILH1dIWgpAnSwh034a1BvQfRIiFrox9RLg5j8JIttO3SX99zQ9hEQjKOvgyuqSBXUfWsw8Jq50EL3sAlwBMfAbFCd1elWRbReeAUxvaj4EnGvjQg5Q2jOOpXrqRMaRvO64R9nOLpZs0R6pGdKIoiH2i9-2BOq7qZkUh435bm3QwBA9CGMLAii7R-2Bw-3D-3D) panel on 11/16. The Functional Programming for Machine Learning (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=dFUbVO7Oo1alrP-2FP1Sl98YAXnsjWmdhx10KmLyoSuaR0FCKMipL8xoKuPE3fLkOW047bo4OSxZCFQwjK28cdrQHPQ9Q7jAosDWpv80mJexkAdetWaAyDpBEwQnAXFKa8WzHzPnxpZKmHjM2lRFIqknprfqoB-2BOZBzCMXjkUGPeyFbGB4Q09FtfPTrkl3QaVSta4VR4jfhfH3yj-2BGJgnnH0dm4-2B2Zq2083SMK56Lg6sGPFpiWRzWwWjJ6Aiy-2FDOW3JJCi5hMRfhQ9IAfIpXKIuYPqJ4VEhiMF54wr3wRX5F0Ev9jHzVunZ-2BO5FoOzLVAh5yXRuvH7EZf7Lm73FZ-2FA8H-2BbjUDNDHHqXpkzUmbnSpX7jbjtVHqqJ2dbOpt6gKLKwXXgjt-2BXnHN21BJDIE24mNVtualDJStwi7jxduDLoU6v1mXXrcWuub4jKMNS6TJ83fevmTLxk8jh-2B842k-2BVM4Q-3D-3D_m2saDy-2FJFVKKGxHkwaglH6GxjknEzqDILH1dIWgpAnSwh034a1BvQfRIiFrox9RLqD-2FB6aXi50nqA4-2FinYv584RFeP104IU9gjlNAAa0FsvcPWZRXSL-2F1KWG5IxbD0doDc4C-2FPUEHLbI3xmEH5pRGX5YDPG4GepLS-2Fxr-2FK7CRtmVaJubny-2FfAbNuo8WBaayjjoYH31mfL0zDEglOzLufKQ-3D-3D) panel added Takt and Criteo members. Oscar Boykin, the creator of Scalding and now at Stripe, is on the panel, moderated by Vitaly Gordon, who leads Salesforce Einstein Data Engineering and Data Science. The conference itself has less than 50 Late Bird passes left overall. Reserve your seat today with the code SFDATAMINING15 (https://www.universe.com/embed/listings/FM5RWY/bookings/new?modal=1&discount_code=SFDATAMINING15).

  • MLconf SF - paid conference - call for speakers

    Hotel Nikko

    Attention: paid event, register at https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com?discount=SFDM18 (https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com/?discount=SFDM18) The partner event MLconf is currently looking for speakers. Abstract Submission Details: http://mlconf.com/abstract-guidelines/ Submission Form: https://docs.google.com/a/mlconf.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdSN259QW0gNvUOMJov7BVOnaooPz3vgcI3n42UEMN_FkjIYg/viewform Submission Deadline: 07/01/17 Event Registration Page: https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com (https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com/) Our group's attendees can use the discount code for 18% off: https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com?discount=SFDM18 (https://mlcsf17.eventbrite.com/?discount=SFDM18) Event Details: http://mlconf.com/events/san-francisco-ca-2/ Confirmed Speakers (list to be expanded): Doug Eck, Research Scientist, Google Xavier Amatriain, VP of Engineering, Quora Anima Anandkumar, Principal Scientist, Amazon AWS Tammy Kolda, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia Labs Ted Willke, Sr Principal Engineer, Intel

  • Baidu Conversational AI Tech Talks

    GSV Labs

    Baidu is hosting a set of tech talks on conversational AI on Nov 9th in Redwood City. The talks look super interesting, and the event is free, so I'm cross-posting it here. If you'd like to attend, please register on their site: https://goo.gl/ZmFHBH Description Join Baidu November 9, 2017 at GSVlabs in Redwood City, to hear industry experts talk about the future of AI and the trend in AI engineering - conversational AI at their Conversational AI Tech Talks The topics that will be discussed include: the trends and findings of speech recognition, and the potential for natural language processing. Here is the list of speakers: - Kaihua Zhu (DuerOS Business Unit CTO of Baidu) - Guoguo Chen (Principal Engineer of Baidu) - Dr. Bjorn Hoffmeister (Sr Manager of Amazon Machine Learning) - Dr. Sanjeev Khudanpur (Director of the Johns Hopkins Human Language Technology Center) The Baidu Team will also be announcing their online global competition that involves a $1 million prize pool at this conference. Attending would allow you to get an insider scoop! Register here today: https://goo.gl/ZmFHBH

  • ODSC West [paid conference with discount]

    Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, 1333 Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010

    Attention: paid event, register at this eventbrite page (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odsc-west-2017-tickets-35175822833?discount=ODSC-Nats). Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) returns to ​San Francisco​ for 3 packed days that promise to explore the latest trends, topics and tools in data science and AI. If you have never attended an ODSC event you’ll be surprised at the value we offer across ​24 trainings​, ​50 workshops​ and ​90 talks​ all presented by some of the best and brightest in data science. Tickets start at ​just $279​! Register Here! (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odsc-west-2017-tickets-35175822833?discount=ODSC-SFDM) See what's new at ODSC West 2017: ● 164 training sessions, talks and workshops that include many new ​new topics and ​such as​ Voice AI, Autonomous Vehicles​, and ​Machine Vision ● Two new conference focus areas ​including: • Data Science Kick-Start​ - Learn the essentials skills and insights to get started in your data science career. • Data Science Research​ - Be amongst the first to hear top academics and researchers present on the latest developments in data science and AI ● New conference agenda such as:​ Meet the Experts ​which allows you to interact with a group of experts in, for example, deep learning ● Fantastic new venue at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. Save 30% on your room with this ​exclusive discount​ (https://aws.passkey.com/event/49063124/owner/4566/home) Co-located with ODSC West, ​Accelerate AI (http://ai.odsc.com/west/) - The ODSC Business Summit ​will be focusing on the opportunities of AI and Data Science for real-world business transformations on November 2nd 2017. See how industries such as finance, marketing, retail, insurance, government education and more are accelerating growth using AI and data science.

  • End-to-End Computation on the GPU


    Bill Maimone, the VP of Engineering of MapD, will discuss how to create common frameworks for enabling intra-GPU communication, and will explain how these frameworks will enable developers and statistical researchers to accelerate machine learning workflows by allowing systems to interchange data seamlessly. As VP of Engineering at MapD, Bill Maimone is responsible for leading the engineering team in architecting and delivering the the company’s suite of database, visualization, and GIS solutions. Prior to MapD, Bill was the VP of Engineering at Anaplan and held similar roles with Salesforce and Actian. Bill began his career at Oracle, where he spent two decades, finishing as a VP with over five hundred members of the R&D team across four continents reporting to him. He holds a M.S. and a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Journalism from MIT. Schedule 6:00 - 6:30 Food and Drinks 6:30 - 7:30 Session 7:30 - 8 Shmooze