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    Taboola TLV

    ״If a tree falls in a forest and you didn’t track it on mixpanel, doe’s it still make a sound?” Product analytics is about asking the right questions. We will be hosting experts from Taboola and TabTale to share how advanced product analytics techniques impact their companies' business decisions. The target audiences of these talks are experienced analysts and data savvy product managers. We will be discussing advanced topics and we assume familiarity with analytics and Lean terminology. Agenda: 18:00 - Gathering, drinks and treats courtesy of Taboola 18:30 - Welcoming words from Taboola 18:45 - Taboola feed - from a product analysis point of view / Assaf Levinson (Taboola) 19:30 - The "Secret" Tricks of A/B testing / David Auslander (TabTale) 20:15 - Final drinks Details: Taboola feed - from a product analysis point of view / Assaf Levinson (Taboola) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We'll review the story of one of Taboola's most strategic products - the Taboola feed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btkBI20zJKE) - from an analyst point of view. From KPIs development, through users behavior analysis to AB testing of new features - we'll share examples and use cases from the analytical work done through the Taboola feed product development life cycle. The Lecture will be held in Hebrew. About me: I have more than 6 years of experience as an analyst and in building and leading analytics teams. I'm currently leading the product analytics team in Taboola, which I joined 2 years ago after the company I previously worked in (ConvertMedia) was acquired by Taboola. Feel free to connect with me - https://www.linkedin.com/in/assaf-levinson-a496452b The "Secret" Tricks of A/B testing / David Auslander (TabTale) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The birth of a game is a long process (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEbd76SOpwU&feature=youtu.be) and A/B testing is a powerful method to help speed it up, but it needs to be done right ! The complexity lies with many factors that need to be considered, ranging from correct choice of KPI and up to assessing the optimal compromise between speed and accuracy. This is a relatively advanced discussion, suitable for audience with basic A/B testing understanding. We will cover: Offline vs Online A/B testing, Monte Carlo sampling, Bayesian A/B testing, KPI cherry picking and other exciting topics (time allowing). ֿ About me: David Auslander is Director of Data at TabTale with extensive knowledge and experience across multidisciplinary fields such as statistics ,economics , BI development and software engineering.

  • Data analyst skill up

    HoneyBook HQ

    We’re back with our meetups and starting off strong with two of Israel brightest stars. Come hear Elena Levi with 10 Golden rules for data analysis and Elizabet Noga will help your dashboards look awesome. Agenda: ------------ 18:00 - Gathering 18:30 - Host words 18:45 - 10 Golden rules for data analysis / Elena Levi 19:30 - What if I told you that your dashboard doesn’t have to look ugly? / Elizabet Noga 20:15 - Going home :) About the lectures: --------------------------- 10 Golden rules for data analysis / Elena Levi Data driven decisions is a hot buzzword but it's also a way of life. All of us encounter and analyze a lot of information daily and we are expected to use this information to reach conclusions that will affect our products. I will talk about how to approach data analysis, discuss common mistakes made in the process (even by experienced data veterans), share examples from my own experience and provide tips and guidelines for analysis and visualization. About me: I'm a product manager at Panoply (a smart data warehouse company) Prior to that I was head of data at Singular, managed the BI team at Win and was one of the first analysts at Conduit. I served at 8200 as an intelligence analyst / product manager. I Love excel, enjoy data visualisation, and get excited by AB testing What if I told you that your dashboard doesn’t have to look ugly? / Elizabet Noga I am going to teach you how to make a candy of a dashboard. Correct calculations and good KPI choice are for sure super important. But it is extremely hard to process even very important information that is poorly designed. We invest a lot of time into data analysis and dashboard developing. It is in our responsibility to make sure that this work also looks good and the message is received. About me: I’m obsessed with data and sql is like my mother tongue. Excel ninja and can pivot with my eyes closed. Love data driven decisions - I think that no business can survive without good data intelligence. Today I’m proud to be a part of an amazing company called Fiverr. Heard about us?;) Btw - we are hiring. I work in data division and my main focus is company’s top KPIs, day to day performance and crisis data management. Prior to that I was BI at Yotpo. And for three years before that I was part of the Wix marketing team and was doing SEM. On my OOO-time (aka, out of the office, aka, spare time) I teach people that wanna enter data world and consult small startups on how to leverage their data, build right metrics and grow business intelligence wisely.

  • Lets’ Desualize* (BI) Data.

    Fiverr HQ

    Lets’ Desualize* (BI) Data / By Inbal Rief https://vimeo.com/88093956 The overwhelming data being accessible nowadays forms great design challenges to businesses, society, and individuals alike. I’d like to show you visualization concepts with expectancy to make an influence over data. * Design + (Data) Visualization --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inbal Rief - Desualizer Playing design synthesis and promotes creativity for new venture creation & technological entrepreneurship via design thinking. Leading product design processes, focus on Customer Experience and Data Viz. Mentor & advisor. Learn more about Inbal Rief (https://il.linkedin.com/in/inbalrief) Agenda: • 17:30 - 18:50 - Gathering • 17:50 - 18:00 - Opening notes - Gil Luz • 18:00 - 19:00 - Lets’ Desualize* (BI) Data - Inbal Rief • 19:00 - Bye I would like to remind you our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/data.bi.analytics.il . Please join for better communication among the group.

  • BI From Scratch

    SimilarWeb Offices

    BI from scratch Ever wondered how and what would you do if you get to a new organization or a new BI project? How to start? What are the phases for a successful BI project? Pnina Klein is the head of BI & BA in MyHeritage and a well experienced project manager. Pnina will talk about her journey in MyHeritage, lessons learned and more. What is this big data? I will try to simplify - Part I Although the term is in use for over a decade, people still not sure what it is, and sometimes get intimidated from it. I will try to simplify and convince that for the non technical people, the change is small, and for the technical people the change is not so scary. Agenda • 17:30 - Gathering • 18:00 - Intro to the Israeli BI community (Gil Luz) • 18:15 - BI from scratch (Pnina Klein) • 19:00 - What is this big data? I will try to simplify - Part I (Gil Luz) • 19:45 - Bye bye I invite you also to join our facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/data.bi.analytics.il) so you can better communicate with other members of the community. Looking to meet, Gil