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About the Data Pipelines Group:

There are tons of Vancouver companies tackling distributed systems, data pipelines and complex data warehousing challenges as they scale their businesses so we thought it was time the community came together to share what they've learned along the way and maybe pick up a few new tricks from others too. We hope this event will be an opportunity to bring folks together around the data.

What started out as a conversation between STAT and Mobify's Data Services teams about sharing some lessons quickly grew into the realization that other folks would find it useful to share and learn too and that's how we began.

Want to speak at one of our upcoming events? Get in touch! cheryl[at]getstat.com or tweet [at]cheryldraper on twitter. We are always interested in hearing from the community

Sample past presentations:

"A walkthrough of data pipeline design challenges (and solutions) learned from the competitive landscape feature rollout" ~Michael Greenwell, STAT Search Analytics

"How Mobify builds a resilient data pipeline" ~ Boris Lau, Mobify

"Continuous Data Warehousing – building a fast loader for Redshift & Postgres" ~ Ganesh Swami, Silota

"Stream-processing in an extremely high traffic environment" ~ Daniel Pezely, BugSense/Splunk

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