Modernizing Your Data Platform

Data Platform Meetup Israel
Data Platform Meetup Israel
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The meetup will be held online via Microsoft Teams.
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• 18:00-18:15 - Opening, Announcements, and More...

• 18:15-19:15 - Modernizing Your Data Platform

• 19:15-19:30 - Q&A


1. Modernizing Your Data Platform – Guy Glantser (60 Minutes, Hebrew)

Technology is advancing in an exponential rate, and data is becoming more critical than ever for the business. If you have old on-premise servers running old versions of SQL Server, then you have very good reasons to modernize your data platform. You can improve availability, scalability, performance and security of your databases and applications. You can leverage new features and technologies, and provide a lot more value to your customers and end users. And at the same time, you have the potential to reduce your operational costs.

In this session, we will learn about a structured approach for such a modernization project:
1. Set Clear Objectives
2. Identify the Target Data Platform
3. Plan the Project
4. Development and Testing
5. Deployment
6. The Next Steps

We will focus on the Microsoft data platform. We will cover the latest versions of SQL Server as well as Azure SQL Database and Azure Managed Instance. We will learn about migration tools and techniques, such as the Data Migration Assistant (DMA), the Azure Database Migration Service, Transactional Replication, Log Shipping, and more.