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    Data Analysis is far more than just developing random Python scripts for predictive modeling. Its actually a process and more than 80 percent of the work is to (a) Clear definition of the problem, (b) Preparation/Discovery of appropriate data (c) (d) Development of an actually consumable product around the model. We will touch upon all of these aspects, using EULER - an integrated Python+SQL framework for fast data analysis.

  • Regression Hands-on Python Tutorial

    Best Brains

    Greetings machine learning fans! For our next meeting we'll be doing a hands-on exercise, building a regression analysis in python. Hands-on means bring your laptops 'cause it's time to code! We'll use this as a introduction to some machine learning concepts, and also break out some python plotting and make git projects out of our analyses. As requested, we'll be starting a little later this time, and get going at 11:30. Come early for coffee, goodies, and social time. We're located in one of the classrooms in the Best Brains Learning Center. We'll be using the data file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cenxpu0akbtwsr5/LinearData.txt?dl=0 You can join via zoom through this address: https://zoom.us/j/191365000 Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n85ljnhastqucu8/Linear%20Regression%20Talk.pdf?dl=0 Jupyter notebook for the hands-on exercise: http://theenglishtea.company/linear-regression-for-impatient-programmer/ Data for the exercise: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cenxpu0akbtwsr5/LinearData.txt?dl=0

  • Neural Networks: Meet, Greet and Talks.

    Best Brains

    This will be our first meeting! We'll start with a meet and greet at 10:30am to get to know each other over coffee and snacks. Then from 11-12:30 we'll have a presentation on artificial neural networks: it's history, basic workings, and case studies from business and science. We're located in one of the classrooms in the Best Brains Learning Center.