What we're about

We are a community of data scientists based in Athens. We aim to bring together practitioners, students, researchers, academics and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds who all share a passion for data science, machine learning, data mining, and related technologies. Our mission is to create an open forum for sharing knowledge, ideas and opportunities around these exciting fields.

Data science and machine learning technologies are enjoying an impressive surge of interest as well as a growing success in commercial settings. Machines now routinely outperform humans in certain cognitive tasks such as vision. It is a truly exciting time to be involved in this area as virtually every organization is scrambling to leverage the benefits of intelligent technologies and derive actionable and predictive insights from analyzing its data. Consequently, this is a booming sector in employment opportunities around the world. These technologies are driving innovations in infrastructure and the number of new products and software platforms is rapidly multiplying.

Through our meetup we hope to:

- Deliver presentations from industry leaders
- Arrange lectures and tutorials from established academics and experts
- Organize hackathons and datathons
- Foster networking opportunities for building up professional and academic contacts
- Promote, nurture and assist the data science and tech startup community in Athens
- Build teams for competing on Kaggle and study groups for local educational programs and online courses such Coursera
- Organize, promote and contribute to local academic programs, summer schools and educational events
- Promote internships and mentoring programs

If all this sounds interesting, come and join us and meet like-minded individuals, hackers, geeks, tech startup entrepreneurs, and science nerds who like to pursue their passion while living under the glorious Mediterranean sun.

We are a very open community and accept members without discrimination and regardless of expertise and background, from linguistics to engineering. In the interest of openness in our community, and as we will be meeting up with each other, we would like all members to use their full name in their meetup profile.

Past events (9)

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