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The Data Science Community:

Mission: We want to bring people together with a passion for machine learning, artificial intelligence and the use of data. We educate, inspire and empower scholars and professionals to apply data to address humanity’s grand challenges. At the Data Science Belgium community, we informally connect in a non competitive setting.

What we do:

• We are the fastest growing community of machine learning engineers & AI business leaders in Europe.

• We love doing Data4Good.

• We promote the value of analytics and organise events, hands-on sessions and trainings to close the gap between academics and business.

• Join us if you want to share, learn and have fun with analytical & technological innovation & positive social change.

• We have chapters in Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Liège and Louvain-La-Neuve.


Our members all want to contribute with their professional skills to make a positive impact on our local community or in the world. They are all aware that data based decision making is key to boost the performances of our organisations. We are an open community and everybody with an interest in data and business is welcome. Our members are University professors, managers in public or private organisations, leaders of NGO’s, Phd students, analytic consultants, technical data & cloud experts …


Our activities are geared around breaching that gap between what the industry need and what the academic institutions has to offer. We focus on knowledge sharing by organising monthly meetups and training sessions. We also provide the possibility for datascientists to work on real ‘Data for Good’-projects where our members offer their help to NGO’s, public intitutions and Startups to gain value out of their data .


Philippe Van Impe – pvanimpe@gmail.com – +32 477 23 78 42

Sam Rédelé - sam.redele@gmail.com - +32 485585452

Who should join us ?

• machine learning engineers, data engineers, software engineers, business analysts, statisticians and hackers

• Business leaders and marketers who leverage data to compete and win

• Enterprise architects, IT, data warehousing, and business intelligence professionals

• Join us here (http://salesxperts.us3.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c3a8751c7c9ca0ed86fe7707c&id=41ae93b59b)

Communication Channels:

• We have a Newsletter that we send out to all our members, request it here (http://salesxperts.us3.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c3a8751c7c9ca0ed86fe7707c&id=41ae93b59b)

• Sign up for our meetings on http://www.meetup.com/Brussels-Data-Science-Meetup/

• Follow our community on Twitter: @DataScienceBe @DSGhent @DSLeuven

• Join our group now on Linkedin: http://goo.gl/UtLRdH (http://goo.gl/UtLRdHCheck)

• Check (http://goo.gl/UtLRdHCheck) out the job postings on our Linkedin group: http://goo.gl/jJMYQP

• Follow Google+ community: http://goo.gl/ySWvhj

• And we have a facebook page ! https://www.facebook.com/Datasciencebe

• Check our website: http://www.datasciencebe.com (http://www.datasciencebe.com/)

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Upcoming events (4)

Data Science & CivicTech in Belgium - S06E01

More details soon

Data Science Louvain-la-Neuve 4!

Place Sainte-Barbe 1

Our Data Science Meetup LLN series continues: When: 5th December at 7 PM Where: Auditorium Sainte-Barbe Ba94, place Sainte-Barbe 1, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve. Agenda: 19h15 - "Generative Restricted Kernel Machines: towards fully explainable deep learning" by Prof. Johan Suykens (ESAT - KU Leuven) 20h15 - Kevin Françoisse (Sagacify), title to follow The talks will be followed by an opportunity to enjoy a beer and a chat. We hope to see you all there! The organizers: Mihailo Backovic- B12 Consulting Gaël de Lannoy- GSK Thibault Helleputte- DNAlytics Michel Herquet- B12 Consulting John Lee- UCLouvain Paul Smyth- GSK Michel Verleysen - UCLouvain

NeurIPS 2019 Streaming Weekend


The Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems ( https://neurips.cc/ ) has gotten SO popular that it sold out in under 12 minutes last year, and this year you have to enter a lottery *just to buy a ticket*. So, NeurIPS decided to let us stream their conference! Come listen to the world's greatest researchers showing off the most recent advances in AI, with talks by Deepmind, Google Brain, Fair (Facebook), and lots of other front-runners. We'll pick out presentations for the most exciting papers shown at NeurIPS 2019 and condense them into one weekend of state of the art AI and machine learning! Disclaimer: many of these presentations will be highly technical. Schedule of talks that we will display: TBD Place: TBD You will be expected to sign the NeurIPS Code of Conduct ( https://nips.cc/public/CodeOfConduct ) upon entry. Child care is available in the region, but we do not organize it ourselves. Be sure to call and reserve a spot up front!

4th anniversary of the European Data Innovation Hub

Let's celebrate -> the 4th anniversary of the European Data Innovation Hub -> the 2nd annversary of DigitYser Please register on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/manage/events/77977439621/tickets

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Airhockey RL hackathon


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