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The Data Science Community:

Mission: We want to bring people together with a passion for machine learning, artificial intelligence and the use of data. We educate, inspire and empower scholars and professionals to apply data to address humanity’s grand challenges. At the Data Science Belgium community, we informally connect in a non competitive setting.

What we do:

• We are the fastest growing community of machine learning engineers & AI business leaders in Europe.

• We love doing Data4Good.

• We promote the value of analytics and organise events, hands-on sessions and trainings to close the gap between academics and business.

• Join us if you want to share, learn and have fun with analytical & technological innovation & positive social change.

• We have chapters in Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Liège and Louvain-La-Neuve.


Our members all want to contribute with their professional skills to make a positive impact on our local community or in the world. They are all aware that data based decision making is key to boost the performances of our organisations. We are an open community and everybody with an interest in data and business is welcome. Our members are University professors, managers in public or private organisations, leaders of NGO’s, Phd students, analytic consultants, technical data & cloud experts …


Our activities are geared around breaching that gap between what the industry need and what the academic institutions has to offer. We focus on knowledge sharing by organising monthly meetups and training sessions. We also provide the possibility for datascientists to work on real ‘Data for Good’-projects where our members offer their help to NGO’s, public intitutions and Startups to gain value out of their data .


Philippe Van Impe – pvanimpe@gmail.com – +32 477 23 78 42

Sam Rédelé - sam.redele@gmail.com - +32 485585452

Who should join us ?

• machine learning engineers, data engineers, software engineers, business analysts, statisticians and hackers

• Business leaders and marketers who leverage data to compete and win

• Enterprise architects, IT, data warehousing, and business intelligence professionals

• Join us here (http://salesxperts.us3.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c3a8751c7c9ca0ed86fe7707c&id=41ae93b59b)

Communication Channels:

• We have a Newsletter that we send out to all our members, request it here (http://salesxperts.us3.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c3a8751c7c9ca0ed86fe7707c&id=41ae93b59b)

• Sign up for our meetings on http://www.meetup.com/Brussels-Data-Science-Meetup/

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Upcoming events (4)

Data Science for Business

UAntwerp Stadcampus

Event: Data Science for Business in the 21st Century Register here: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/about-uantwerp/faculties/faculty-of-business-and-economics/calendar/event-data-science/registration/ In September 2019, the University of Antwerp will start with a new major on Data Science for the master students Business Economics and Business Engineering. At the same time, the Applied Data Mining research group of the University of Antwerp will start a new research project on Data Science, in collaboration with AXA Belgium. To launch these two new endeavors, UAntwerp will organize the event ‘Data Science for Business in the 21st Century’ on Friday, October 25. This event is organized for all the students, alumni and staff members of the University of Antwerp, but also for business professionals with an interest in data science. Programme 4.00 pm Doors 4.30 pm Welcome by dean prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt (UAntwerp, Antwerp Management School) 4.35 pm Intro: new major Data Science and AXA research project by prof. dr. David Martens (UAntwerp) 4.40 pm The impact of AI in Insurance by Jef Van In (CEO AXA Belgium) 5 pm AI, Business, Society: Making Man and Machine Work Together by prof. Theodoros Evgeniou (INSEAD) 5.30 pm The Predictive Power of Data on Our Fine-Grained Behavior by prof. Foster Provost (New York University, Stern Business School) 6 pm The Importance of Data Science Ethics by prof. dr. David Martens (UAntwerp) 6.30 pm Reception Keynote speakers Foster Provost is Professor of Data Science and Information Systems at New York University's Stern School of Business. He is known for his work on evaluating machine learning algorithms, his work on social network data analysis and his contributions to machine learning for targeted marketing. He worked with the US Department of Defense on the application of AI/machine learning to counter-terrorism. Professor Provost is the cofounder of five startups, four of which have been acquired, including UAntwerp spinoff Predicube and Integral Ad Science at an estimated value of 850 million US$. His book "Data Science for Business" is used by over 150 colleges and universities, including Harvard Business School, MIT and the University of Antwerp. Theodoros Evgeniou is Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management at INSEAD, and Academic Director of INSEAD eLab, the research and analytics center of INSEAD that focuses on Data Analytics for Business. He received four degrees from MIT, and acquired two BSc degrees simultaneously, one in Computer Science and one in Mathematics, as well as a Master and a PhD degree in Computer Science. He has been involved in developing hedge fund strategies with investments of more than $100 million. Professor Evgeniou has authored more than 30 academic and business articles which have been cited by more than 5000 other publications. Since 2016, Business Engineer Jef Van In is Chief Executive Officer of AXA Belgium. In the early part of his career, he worked for Bank Brussel Lambert, Sumitomo Bank Brussels and ING Retail Bank Ukraine. Van In joined AXA in 2011 as CEO of Bank Europe. In 2013 he became President of the Supervisory Boards of AXA insurance (Life and P&C) in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania & Hungary. Prof. David Martens is the head of the Applied Data Mining research group of the University of Antwerp. His research focuses on mining behavioral data, such as Facebook likes, payment or browsing data as well as explainable AI. He also focuses on the development and use of predictive data mining techniques for a better decision making process, in collaboration with banks and tax administrations in the area of credit scoring and fraud detection. Prof. Martens is co-founder of the UAntwerp spin-off Predicube, acquired by Var in 2018. He teaches 'Data Mining' and 'Data Science and Ethics' to the master students Business Economics and Business Engineering.

Airhockey RL hackathon


After the astrohack & music hackathon, it's time for our third hackathon :-)! This time, you will be able to make your own reinforcement learning agent that can play airhockey/pong! Reinforcement learning agents that can beat human players in games have been in the news a lot of times. Wouldn't it be great if you could make one yourself? This hackathon is all about that :-)! No need to be an airhockey champion or RL expert. We will start the hackathon by explaining the context & will also provide you with code for a minimal RL agent that is able to play the airhockey game. If you want to get some basics about reinforcement learning, certainly checkout these talks: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgvyzIkgxF0 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P7I-xPq8u8 and relevant blogpost: - http://karpathy.github.io/2016/05/31/rl/ You are welcome the weekend of November 9 at DigitYser. The hackathon ends on Sunday. The winner will be the group that can create the RL that is able to beat all the other agents. Agenda: - Friday 08/[masked]: opening hackathon and forming teams - Friday 08/[masked]: explanation of problem and walkthrough to the sample code - Friday 08/[masked]: official start hackathon - Sunday 10/[masked]: end of hackathon - Sunday 10/[masked]: ranking of the teams & live combat between the finalists to determine the winner - Sunday 10/[masked]: end of award ceremony FINAL Registration be required via a link on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/celebrate-data-innovation-and-entrepreneurship-in-brussels-tickets-77977439621

Data Science & CivicTech in Belgium - S06E01

More details soon

4th anniversary of the European Data Innovation Hub

Let's celebrate -> the 4th anniversary of the European Data Innovation Hub -> the 2nd annversary of DigitYser Please register on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/manage/events/77977439621/tickets

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