Launch MOOC Coaching activities, First course is the Machine Learning course.

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As announced earlier, we had to change the date of this meeting. We'll meet Wednesday 13, not Thursday 14 May. Note that there will be another Thursday that we'll have to look for a replacement day, because of public holidays.

For now Wednesday, please go through the slides of the introduction and the first two weeks (linear regression with one variable, linear algebra review, linear regression with multiple variables, and the Octave tutorial). The first week is very light, so combining the material for the two in one session will, hopefully, not be a problem. If you have problems with any of the topics Andrew Ng covers, we'll hopefully be able to sort them out on Wednesday. Do not feel obliged to finish the exercises or quizzes, certainly not those for the topics of the second week.

On Wednesday, we'll have a question and answer session. I will also give a sort demonstration on how to install R and RStudio, and a demonstration on how to repeat some of the Octave exercises using R.

The version of the course we'll be following is the 'on-demand' version, which can be found on

If you haven't completed our questionnaire yet, please take a moment to go to If you haven't received an invitation to join our google group, let me know on evberghe at gmail dot be.

Looking forward to see you on Wednesday.