Data Science and Art - BxlDS S05E04

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AI4Belgium & Data Science Community
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The evening will be demonstrating how Data Science can be used in the context of Art.

Doors open and happy hour starts at 18:00

Presentation 1 starts at 19:00:
“Make Music and Art Using Machine Learning” Adam Roberts (Machine learning researcher @Google) will present Magenta project : An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.[REMOTE LIVE TALK FROM SF]

Presentation 2 starts at 19:25
“Musimap” - Philippe Decottignies (Head of Product) and Virgile Boulanger (Data Scientist) will present Musimap’s Data Science activities: how they use Deep Learning to detect moods/emotions im music, and provide search & recommendation to music labels and music/film/advertising production companies.

Presentation 3 starts at 19:50
"Signal Processing and Machine Learning in Art Investigation" - Aleksandra Pizurica (Professor @Dept. Telecommunications and Information Processing, UGent) will explain how data science is used in art investigation. Prof. Pizurica will also present the current activities of IP4AI, a community that aims to bring together researchers from art conservation and history with top-notch computer scientists and mathematicians.

Networking is scheduled as of 20:20

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