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Join Data Science Festival - London in partnership with KNIME. July 8th, for an evening of Guided Analytics to develop predictive models on the fly. leveraging automated machine learning and interactive dashboard components, custom Guided Analytics Applications, tailored to your business needs.

Due to the popularity of Data Science Festival events, we are now allocating event tickets via a random ballot. Registering here enters you into the ticket ballot for the Data Science Festival Event at KNIME on July 8th 2019, the ballot will be drawn on the 4th July 2019. Those randomly selected will then be e-mailed a Universe ticket for the event, with the joining details.

If you get an allocated Universe ticket, please bring a copy of your paper ticket or your ticket on your phone to the event to check in with your QR code. Tickets are non-transferable.


Please click here to apply for a ticket: https://www.datasciencefestival.com/event/dsf-meetup-with-knime/


6:00pm: Doors open
6:30pm: Paolo Tamagnini
7:15pm: Break
7:45pm: Rob Blanford
8:30: Networking
9:00: Close

Paolo Tamagnini - Data Scientist at KNIME

Summary: In recent years, a wealth of tools has appeared that automate the machine learning cycle inside a black box. At KNIME we take a different stance. Automation should not result in black boxes, as modern data science should allow automation and interaction to be combined flexibly into a more transparent solution. Paolo will show how to build such a more transparent application for automated machine learning using KNIME Software. It will have an input user interface to control the settings for data preparation, model training (e.g. using deep learning, random forest, etc.), hyperparameter optimization, and feature engineering. The trained models will be shown in the end in an interactive dashboard to visualize the results with model interpretability techniques.

Bio: Paolo Tamagnini works as a Data Scientist for KNIME in the evangelism team in Berlin. After graduating with a Master's Degree in Data Science at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Paolo gathered research experience at New York University in machine learning interpretability and visual analytics tools. Since working for KNIME, Paolo has run various workshops in the US and Europe and has developed a number of reusable guided analytics applications for automated machine learning and data exploration.

Rob Blanford - Data Scientist at Atos

Summary: Rob will share his experiences with working with KNIME as a consultant. His talk will address first how KNIME can help large organizations in connecting different kinds of data experts. Furthermore Rob will show a KNIME workflow from an on-going client case study about social media analysis. Finally he will show a prototype of how KNIME can integrate with other software libraries. In fact Rob will show how Blender3D, an open source application for creation and animation of 3D models, can integrate via Python to control a 3D model from a KNIME workflow.

Bio: Rob Blanford is a Senior Consultant and Data Scientist, a member of the UK&I Analytics team at Atos. Taking an unusual path into Data Science, he graduated from Durham University with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, gained experience in industry before completing an MBA at Cranfield University. Now he works across industries with Atos, using KNIME, R and Python to improve people’s access to data, improve the quality of information and create analyses to support expert decisions.